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  •  Annual Report 2011 

    About the City of Pasadena Annual Report

    A community is much more than what a listing of financial figures and achievements of service can provide. This report encapsulates many of the City of Pasadena's accomplishments over the past year, accompanied by financial data.

    Pasadena is a comfortable mix of tradition and innovation, nature and development, small-town charm and
    big-city convenience. It is a community of nearly 150,000 residents and the sixth largest of the 88 cities in Los Angeles County.

    Distinctive neighborhoods, dynamic business districts, renowned institutions, superlative arts and cultural offerings, wide-ranging recreational opportunities, award-winning sustainability efforts, a strong commitment to historic preservation, festive New Year’s Day events and other characteristics have helped Pasadena thrive for 123 years.

    The City of Pasadena has remained focused on making continuous improvements to services and programs for our residents, businesses and visitors.


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