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  • Interconnection Rules and Process

    The parallel operation of a self-generation unit, such as a solar PV system, requires interconnection with PWP's electric distribution system. Electric Regulation 23 is the guidelines that describe the interconnection, operating and metering requirements for generation facilities to be connected to PWP’s distribution system. In addition, customers must comply with Pasadena’s Regulation 21 rules, regulations, and policies for electrical design, installation, upgrades, equipment maintenance, and safety electric service.


    Interconnection Process for PSI Solar Installations

    *NOTE: unlike the investor-owned utilities, PWP's Interconnection Process is integrated throughout the Pasadena Solar Initiative ("PSI") rebate process. There is no separate interconnection application or process. Please read through the entire PSI Incentive Process section to find detailed interconnection information.

    The interconnection process for solar installations under the PSI may be summarized as follows:

    • Customers must submit two signed copies (wet signature) of the Net Metering and Interconnection Agreement when they apply for a solar rebate
    • Engineering will review and approve the interconnection prior to PWP issuing a rebate reservation confirmation letter
    • After system installation and all documentation have been completed and the customer submits the Incentive Payment Claim Form, PWP will replace the old utility meter with a new Net Meter capable of spinning and recording net energy in both directions. Review PWP meter requirements here.
    • As soon as new utility meter is installed, PWP will send a "Permission to Operate" (PTO) letter indicating that the interconnection has been approved and the customer is authorized to turn the solar system on. Note: It is the responsibility of the installer to turn the solar system on.


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