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  • Neighborhood Associations

    A neighborhood association is an organization that is comprised of members of the community with at least one elected officer, joined together for the purpose of problem solving and the betterment of the neighborhood, with the following guidelines:


    1. A Neighborhood Association should have at least one official representative elected by a minimum of five residents. 
    2. There is no minimum or maximum size, but the Neighborhood Association shall have defined boundaries. 
    3. The Neighborhood Association shall meet at least once a year. 
    4. Neighborhood associations should attempt to contact every resident within its boundaries about meetings and other association activities.
    5. Neighborhood Connections shall be provided with the name of the official representative for the neighborhood. 
    6. Dues are NOT mandatory. 
    7. Neighborhood association boundaries should not overlap. However, when necessary, neighborhood associations may form within large neighborhood associations.
    8. Neighborhood association by-laws must be filed with Neighborhood Connections
    9. The neighborhood association must provide Neighborhood Connections with updated contact information annually.

    What does a neighborhood organization do?
    A neighborhood organization establishes a unified voice. While one person can take a complaint to City Hall, the voice of a whole neighborhood can accomplish more. Its efforts not only work to get needed city services like street lights, traffic control and graffiti removal, but also to help City Hall better understand and represent that neighborhood's unique needs. 


    A neighborhood organization also allows residents to work together to prevent burglaries, vandalism, drug dealing and other crimes that threaten the stability of their neighborhood. And, a neighborhood organization can work to improve the image of a neighborhood, thereby increasing property values. 

    Neighborhood Connections can help you find sources of information & assistance...
    In the Neighborhood Connections office, you will find current information about your council district, your neighborhood association, and city-wide issues.

    Neighborhood Connections can help keep the lines of communication open...
    The office will provide you with the name and phone number of the right city staff person to help solve your neighborhood problems. In addition, Neighborhood Connections can connect you with other neighborhood groups that are working on similar issues to yours.

    Neighborhood Connections can help you start and maintain a successful neighborhood association...
    In the Neighborhood Connections office, you'll find samples of by-laws from other neighborhood associations. You can get free photocopying for your neighborhood newsletter and flyers. You can even get resource guides, county brochures, and name tags to use at your neighborhood meetings.


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