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  • Mailing Due Dates

    The following is a schedule of Neighborhood Connections mailing dates for the 2011 calendar year:

    Due Dates

    Submission of Flyers         Date of Mailing
    January 19                          January 21
    April 13                                April 15
    July 20                                 July 22
    October 12                          October 14

    In an additional effort to keep residents, neighborhood associations, community-based organizations and city staff well informed and connected, we would like to invite you to sign up for our Quarterly Mailer and/or our Weekly Community Email Notification. These e-mail messages are designed to provide you with current information on city and community programs and events. If you would like your name added to our address book, please send an e-mail to neighborhoodconnect@cityofpasadena.net with your contact information included.

    Please contact us at 744-7290 with comments or questions about the quarterly mailing calendar or the weekly e-mail list.


    Neighborhood Connections’ Staff


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