• Pasadena Fire Department

Pasadena Fire Department

  • Fire Management

    Provides overall planning, control, and management of all Fire Department activities and staff support for all divisions. This includes disaster services planning, financial management, training, media relations, and general administration.

  • Fire Prevention

    Provides for review of construction plans, new or remodeling, issuance of permits as required by City codes, periodic inspection of all occupancies within the City except single family dwellings; annual brush surveys; hazardous materials disclosure permits and hazardous waste tracking; investigation of fires to determine cause and origin; and all other required fire prevention activities. 

  • Fire Operations

    Performs all duties related to emergency response (fire, rescue, medical, and hazard abatement), non- emergency service calls, fire prevention and public education programs, in-service training for all personnel, and maintains fire station apparatus, quarters grounds, and equipment.

  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

    Provides 24 hour emergency paramedic ambulance response; treatment and transportation of ill and injured in Pasadena; planning and staffing of medical coverage for special events; and related activities. Emergency medical response is performed together with Fire Operations. 

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