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    Administrative Email Newsletter Guidelines


    These are the administrative guidelines for the Neighborhood Connections weekly email newsletter to Neighborhood Associations and residents:

    1) Activities, programs and information related to neighborhood association’s issues and concerns are top priorities for inclusion into the Community Email Newsletter.

    2) Community groups wishing to utilize the Neighborhood Connections’ Community Email Newsletter to promote their programs must demonstrate that:

    a. The information is relevant to residents of the city.
    b. The material is neutral i.e. that it does not promote the agenda of a political group, nor advocate a pro or coposition on initiatives or other issues.

    3) All requests for email must be submitted in text format (flyer as attachment when available), Times New Roman, Font Size 12 to nconnect@cityofpasadena.net

    4) The Email Newsletter will be sent out every Thursday evening.

    5) Requests must be submitted no later than Monday at 5pm in order to be sent out the same week.

    6) Articles for the email message will be sent out no more than two times and will be deleted thereafter. If you wish for an item to be sent again, please resubmit your request.

    If you would like to receive our weekly email newsletter and would like to be added to the distribution list, please notify our of office via email at nconnect@cityofpasadena.net or call (626)744-7363.

    These guidelines are consistent with the Neighborhood Connections Mission Statement, which is:
    "To promote and foster participation and communication as a neutral liason among neighborhood organizations, elected representatives, and city staff to facilitate the resolution of neighborhood problems" 

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