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Council District 2

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  • Charitable Solicitation Permit

    Charitable Solicitation Permit

    At the District 2 Town Hall Meeting on 6/2/11, neighbors wanted to know what a solicitor permit looked like. Here is a copy of the current one. A new design is in the works and will be posted here soon.

  • Council Member McAustin Tours Jefferson Elementary

    On Friday, February 18th I visited Jefferson Elementary School located at 1500 E. Villa Street in Pasadena Council District 2. Principal Hoori Chalian gave me the opportunity to step into several classrooms and observe an early intervention reading program offered at the school. The program emphasized phonics and recognition of frequently used letter combinations to help make reading easier. Students and teachers work closely together to bring all students up to appropriate grade level.

    Music is alive and well at Jefferson. The Pasadena Conservatory of Music has a partnership with the school. Each week, instructors from the Conservatory teach a 30-minute music appreciation class to every class from Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth grade. Students learn about rhythm and movement using percussion instruments, their bodies, and their voices. Once a week, select 4th and 5th grade students meet with one of the Conservatory instructors to continue their studies. They are preparing for a spring performance in late May.

    For more information about the school, please check out the web site at http://jefferson.pasadenausd.org

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      • Principal Chalian
        Principal Chalian
      • Jefferson Student’s Art Wall 2
        Jefferson Student’s Art Wall
      • 4th Grade Relief Maps of California
        4th Grade Relief Maps of California
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    Principal Chalian
    Jefferson Student’s Art Wall 2
    4th Grade Relief Maps of California
  • Regarding the Closure of the E. Washington/Mentor Post Office

    A public meeting was held on 2/7/11 to allow residents to bring their concerns directly to the US Postal Service. At the meeting more questions were raised than answered. The City Council along with Congressman Schiff have written letters to the Postal Service asking for a postponement of the closure to allow time for a response to be given. As of 12 noon on 2/10/11 we have not heard a response.

  • Curb Numbers? No Permit, No Address Painting!


    Groups offering to paint home addresses on curbs are not authorized by the city of Pasadena unless they have received proper permits and licenses. No murals, emblems, photos or illustrations are allowed -- only black numbers on white backgrounds.

    Canning Hunger, a non-profit food relief organization, recently received permits to do this work and will place notices on doors in certain neighborhoods asking for a $10 donation for this service. Please note that a donation is not required in exchange for this service.

    For more information call (626) 744-4720.