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  • District 6: Councilmember Steve Madison

    Steve Madison Steve Madison was first elected in March 1999 to represent District 6, which includes the beautiful West Pasadena neighborhoods above the Rose Bowl and in Southwest Pasadena, much of Old Pasadena, the Art Center College of Design, the Convention Center & Civic Auditorium, most of the Arroyo Seco, the historic Colorado Street Bridge, and the Tournament of Roses House (Wrigley Mansion). He was re-elected in 2003, 2007 and in 2011. While a Councilmember, Steve has served as Vice Mayor, on the Council's Economic Development & Technology Committee, Public Safety Committee and Legislative Policy Committee, on the Pasadena Center Operating Company Board, on the Multimodal Operations and Development Entity Board and on the Youth Development and Violence Prevention Task Force, and he is one of Pasadena’s three appointees to the Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena Airport Authority Commission, which oversees the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank.

    During his 14 years on the Council, Steve has championed neighborhood protection and the preservation of Pasadena's high quality of life; a vibrant commercial environment in the Central District; high quality municipal services, especially in the area of public safety; Pasadena's "Green City" environmental initiatives; and assisting the Pasadena Unified School District in ensuring every child in our community reaches his or her full potential. In 2000, Steve authored and secured adoption by the City Council of a resolution opposing the extension of the 710 freeway through Pasadena, and has repeatedly asked his Council colleagues to oppose the 710 tunnel. Steve was the first Councilmember to advocate for a General Plan Guiding Principle in support of public education.

    A practicing trial lawyer and a Fellow in the American College of Trial Lawyers, Steve is a partner with Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP in Los Angeles. He joined the firm after spending nine years as an Assistant United States Attorney, where he prosecuted federal criminal cases including major narcotics, political corruption and defense contracting fraud cases. He assisted in the prosecution of United States v. Koon (the federal criminal civil rights case arising out of the beating of Rodney King), and was lead prosecutor inSR-710 Study United States v. Congressman Walter R. Tucker, III; he was commended for his work in both cases by U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno. Steve taught for 10 years as an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Southern California Law School, and he served as a Judge Pro Tem of the Los Angeles County Superior Court. He has been named a Southern California “Super Lawyer” and one of Pasadena’s Top Attorneys by Pasadena Magazine.

    Raised in Northern California, Steve attended public schools and graduated from the University of Santa Clara with a B.A. in English. He then attended Boston College and USC Law Schools, and in addition to his Juris Doctor degree he has a Master of Public Administration (with honors) from USC. Steve supports numerous non-profit organizations in Pasadena and has served on the boards of First Tee of Pasadena and the Pasadena Police Activities League (he is a graduate of the Pasadena Citizens Police Academy).


    Click Here for City of Pasadena Fire Department information on Sand bags and Disaster Preparedness

    On December 1, 2016 Steve Madison hosted a very successful Community Forum: “Is Pasadena Prepared for El Niño?” If you missed the forum but wish to view the broadcast, please go to https://youtu.be/hHjNT6Cd8SA.

    For additional information on protecting your family and your property and limiting the effects of El Niño, go to the City of Pasadena website, www.cityofpasadena.net. Click on the El Niño icon at the bottom of the page.






     Pasadena Community Forum IMG 

    desiderio postcard 



    Attending the " groundbreaking"  ceremony for the La Loma Bridge renovation were (L to R) Councilmember Steve Madison;  Julie Gutierrez, Assistant City Manager and Interim Public Works Director; Steve Wright, City Engineer;  Sue Mossman, Director, Pasadena Heritage and La Loma Bridge Advisory Committee Member.

    The bridge is expected to be operational by December, 2016. 



    Demolition of the Desiderio Army Reserve Center

    Desiderio Demolition

    On September 10, 2015 Councilmember Steve Madison, Sonja Yates, Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity, City Manager Michael Beck and guests celebrated the beginning of the demolition of the buildings to make room for the Desiderio Park and the future home of nine Habitat for Humanity homes. We anticipate a park opening in early 2017. (Photo courtesy of William Boyer, PIO City of Pasadena)




    We had a major legislative victory Monday night for West Pasadena, the City of Pasadena and the entire region. My resolution to oppose the 710 tunnel was approved by the Pasadena City Council! I am deeply grateful to my colleagues Vice Mayor Jacque Robinson, Mayor Bill Bogaard and Councilmembers Victor Gordo and Gene Masuda for standing with me to reject this clear and present danger to our quality of life.

    Terry Tornek, John Kennedy and Margaret McAustin voted against my resolution, which was disappointing but not surprising. Had their views carried the day, Pasadena would have taken no position on the tunnel, and many would have argued that Pasadenans were divided on the issue, or even worse supportive of the tunnel. That will not happen now. Thankfully, that crisis was averted in a victory of leadership.


    SR 710 Upcoming Events / Meetings

    See the DEIR for the 710 Options

    Caltrans Website Online:

    Look for the tab that reads Draft EIR under the blue bar. Copies are available at the San Rafael and Linda Vista branch libraries.

    Get Involved!





    This is not our Pasadena nor the Pasadena that we envision for years to come. NOW is the time to get involved. Open the link below to learn more.


    Download Rendering of Ventilation Stacks from the Proposed 710 Extension


    NO 710 TUNNEL

    As you know, I am strongly opposed to the proposal to build a tunnel through West Pasadena to extend the Long Beach Freeway. I’ve asked the Mayor and the City Manager to agendize for the City Council meeting my proposed resolution to oppose the 710 tunnel. I have proposed this resolution but it has failed to carry (with my colleagues Torneck, McAustin and Robinson regrettably voting to support the tunnel by voting “no” on my resolution).

    We will keep you posted regarding the Council’s position on this important issue.

    Meanwhile, I am sending you a link to a No 710 Petition for your consideration.

    1. Go to www.no710.com .

    2. Click on the words
    "Sign the Petition" that appear in the yellow oval. This will take you to
    a page that shows all the officials who will be contacted each time the
    petition is signed.

    3. Click on the words "Sign the Petition" in the
    yellow box on this page and you will taken to the petition at Change.org.

    4. Fill in the information at the right to sign the petition, and if you
    wish, leave your comments on why this is important to you.

    5. Finally,
    click on the red box that says "Sign". *

  • Pasadena’s first forum on global warming

    Councilmember Steve Madison presented Pasadena’s first forum on global warming for the community at the Pasadena Convention Center. 

    See the the complete presentation below.


    Presentation On Global Warming


     Global Warming 1  Global Warming 3 
    Global Warming 2  

    Images from the Global Warming Forum

    Global Warming Panel left to right:  Michael Gunson, PhD, Orbiting Carbon Observatory, OCO-2 Project Scientist + Global Change and Energy Program Manager; Fred Dock, Director of Transportation, City of Pasadena; Vince Bertoni, Director of Planning, City of Pasadena; Eric Walsh, MD, Director of Public Health, City of Pasadena; Ed Avol, Professor, USC Department of Preventive Medicine



  • Correction from the Wall Street Journal

    You may have seen a Wall Street Journal piece last week with a chart that showed how much cities spend out of their general funds to pay for pensions. Pasadena was included in the chart, but the info was erroneous and the Journal has acknowledged its error and is correcting the misinformation. See their message below -

    After much discussion, it was determined that Pasadena's inclusion in the chart warranted a correction in print. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and appreciate your contacting us.

    The charts will be appended online with the correction, and Pasadena will be removed. The corrected text that will be included in their publication:

    Pasadena, Calif., says it spent 9.7% of its general-fund revenue on pension funds in 2012. A chart that appeared with an Oct. 30 U.S. News article on pension costs incorrectly said the city spent 43% of its general fund on pensions. When calculating the percentage the Journal incorrectly included the proceeds of a $46.6 million one-time pension-bond issue and other anomalies in general-fund revenues.

  • Grand Opening of the New Playground in District 6 at Central Park


    Grand Opening of the New Playground in District 6 at Central Park
    October 19, 2013 City Manager Michael Beck, Mayor Bill Bogaard, Public Works Director Siobhan Foster and Councilmember Steve Madison


    At our regular meeting yesterday, the Bob Hope Airport Authority Board elected me to serve as Vice President of the Board for a term of one year. I am excited to begin. Burbank Commissioner Susan Georgino was elected President, and Commissioner Frank Quintero of Glendale was chosen Secretary. My Pasadena Council colleague Terry Tornek will serve as Treasurer.


  • Celebration of the City of Pasadena and Tournament of Roses Lighting Project at Defenders Park (March 7, 2013)

    Through the generous donation of the Tournament of Roses and the City of Pasadena’s development fees for parks, the City was able to add nine historic lampposts to light the path by Defenders Park. 

    A hearty group of neighbors, Tournament of Roses volunteers, District 6 constituents and staff braved a cold night and threatening skies to meet at sunset to celebrate the completion of a long awaited project. To commemorate this event, a plaque was unveiled. In the photo you’ll see Mayor Bill Bogaard, Councilmember Steve Madison, Vice-President of the Tournament of Roses, Richard Chinen and City Manager, Michael Beck. 

    Many thanks to all.

    View photos of the event >> 

    All photos Photos Courtesy of Tournament of Roses/Long Photography.


    The community and staff came together to celebrate the ground breaking for Station 39. Closed since April 2011 due to serious seismic problems, the station will open after a complete seismic retrofit and remodeling of the interior to meet ADA and green standards.

    We thank Sue Mossman of Pasadena Heritage for her participation regarding the historic significance of the mid-century modern building. We also express thanks to the San Rafael Library Associates and the Pasadena Fire Fighters Association for their participation in making this a special day for the whole family.

    The building will be ready for operation in late Fall of this year. ( The station was closed April 2011 when a safety report stated that the building was not safe for the occupants, the firefighters.)

    View the photos >> 


    Fire Station 39 Groundbreaking Ceremony 


    SGM Letter Antonovich 710 Panel 

  • Desiderio Property

    I am pleased to announce that after many years of waiting, the City accepted possession of the Desiderio property from the Federal Government.

    The City is working on the EIR (Environmental Impact Report) as it plans to demolish the buildings. This process should take about a year.

    Funding is in place to move forward with the development of the open place.

    This project will expand the City’s open space, make one of the most beautiful vistas of the Colorado Bridge accessible to all, and add affordable housing under Habitat for Humanity for many families.

    Steve Madison


    Desiderio Application 

  • Attend an Open House on the SR710 Alternatives and Contact State Representatives

    District 6 Constituents,

    Below please download the dates for METRO’s meetings where its staff will present information on the SR710 alternatives.  Our participation at these meetings is very important.

    SR 710 Meeting Dates

    In addition, I strongly suggest that you write about your position to our state elected officials.

    State Senator Carol Liu
    501 N. Central Avenue
    Glendale, CA 91203
    Email her field assistant for transportation, Vickere Murphy at vickere.murphy@sen.ca.gov.

    State Assemblyman Chris Holden
    Current Address:
    215 N. Marengo Avenue, #115
    Pasadena, CA 91109
    If you reside in the 41st Assembly District: Go to www.asm.ca.gov/holden. Scroll down to CONTACT CHRIS to leave your email message.
    If you reside outside of the 41st Assembly District or if you prefer to use this address, email your message to bobi.johnson@asm.ca.gov.

    Our continued collective effort to express our positions to elected official is important..

    Many thanks and I wish you a Happy New Year!

    Councilmember Steve Madison



  • The Vote on the 710 Freeway Extension -- the Tunnel

    Three of my colleagues let us down last night. I moved to formally oppose the disastrous tunnel proposal for the 710 freeway extension, but my motion failed by a 4-3 vote; even though our Council only has seven members presently because of Chris Holden's election to the State Assembly, five votes are still required for Council action. (You may recall that on August 13, I made a motion that the Council oppose three alternative routes around Avenue 64 in West Pasadena, and on that occasion my motion carried unanimously.)

    Before the roll call vote, I implored my colleagues to support my motion on the grounds that a huge 6-mile underground highway tunnel would have devastating consequences for Pasadena, would disrupt our quality of life and threaten historic neighborhoods, be unsafe and be deleterious to the health of all of us (particularly seniors, school-aged children and those with health problems such as patients at Huntington Memorial Hospital and the clinics and medical offices around the hospital). 

    I asked my colleagues to follow the advice of virtually all the community members and groups and experts who have weighed in on this, as well as our  friend and former Assembly member Anthony Portantino who spoke eloquently in favor of my motion last night.  I reminded them, too, that I convened a forum at the Convention Center on 9/18, at which a panel of experts all described the tunnel as a major threat to our community's health and safety, and hundreds of residents turned out to oppose the tunnel. 

    I explained that Measure A presented no impediment whatsoever because of the three "T's" -- tunnel, trucks, and toll -- which were not on the table when Measure A was voted on in 2001. I told them that we needed to be clear and unambiguous with CalTrans and Metro, the agencies that will make the decision about the scope of the EIR for the 710 freeway extension, that the tunnel is a non-starter.

    All we needed last night was one more vote. Mayor Bill Bogaard, Councilmember Victor Gordo, Councilmember Gene Masuda and I voted yes. Regrettably, Vice Mayor McAustin, Councilmember Jackie Robinson and Councilmember Terry Tornek voted no. 

    Councilmember Tornek led the group unwilling to oppose the tunnel, stating that most of his constituents with whom he has spoken support the 710 extension!  He said more study was needed, and that an environmental impact report should go forward on the tunnel project.  I responded that we do not need an EIR to know the tunnel would be disastrous for our community.  In and of itself, a lengthy EIR process including the tunnel as an alternative could severely impact property values in West Pasadena and move the tunnel closer to adoption. 

    I asked the three dissenters to focus on leadership not arithmetic (i.e., politics). I told Terry and the others that one could not say he opposes the tunnel but not vote to oppose the tunnel.  I said now was no time to get weak in the knees.  All to no avail.

    Just a couple of weeks ago, Terry was the lone vote in opposition to an EIR commissioned by the Rose Bowl Operating Company regarding the potential temporary use of the Rose Bowl for professional football games on a short-term basis (I will be posting a more lengthy message about this issue soon).  At the time he said he thought the mere approval of the EIR would negatively impact property values in the neighborhoods around the Rose Bowl.  So the hypothetical possibility of additional football games in our football stadium for a season or two will diminish property values, but the construction and operation of a 6-mile tunnel under historic neighborhoods, schools and hospitals won't?  Ironic to say the least.

    I intend to raise the issue again, perhaps after Chris's seat (Council District 3) is filled.  Those interested in the threat of the tunnel proposal would be well served to pay close attention to the March municipal elections and where the candidates--and incumbents--stand on this important issue. 

    P.S. –You can watch the meeting, our deliberations and the vote at: http://cityofpasadena.net/District6/ (Below the bio you will see information about last night's meeting, including a link to the video.)

    Here are some of the officials who are handling the 710 freeway extension; I encourage you to share your view with them:


    Board of Supervisors, chaired by the Honorable Mike Antonovich:
    Supervisor Antonovich

    Transportation Deputy Michael Cano

    Full METRO Board list available here:

    METRO CEO Art Leahy

    Executive Director Doug Failing
    Administrative Offices: 213.922.6000

    Director Malcolm Doherty

    District 7 (LA & Orange County) Director, Michael Miles
    (213) 897-3656

    Office of Governor Jerry Brown


  • WE STILL HAVE WORK TO DO! (August 22, 2012)

    On Monday, August 13, before 700 constituents, my fellow City Councilmembers unanimously supported my motion soundly rejecting three alternatives for the 710 freeway extension proposed by METRO/Caltrans. In the ensuing week, my colleagues and I have continued to express to METRO/Caltrans in the strongest terms our objections to these routes. I am working with the City Manager, as well, to determine the impact of yet another METRO/Caltrans proposal: a tunnel extension, apparently designed to include truck traffic.

    Although these strides towards protecting our neighborhoods have been considerable, and although I am gratified that my Council colleagues have joined me in my opposition to the plans METRO/Caltrans have proposed, I am well-aware that our work has only just begun.

    The Council's decision was just a first step, and it is more important now than ever to keep our objections and questions in the forefront of all 710 discussions going on at METRO, Caltrans, the METRO Board, and especially in the Governor's Office. These are the authorities that will make the next round of decisions about the future of the potential 710 extension in Pasadena, and we cannot afford to become complacent now that the immediate threat of a surface route through San Rafael has passed.

    I urge you all to contact all of these agencies and persons as frequently as possible—let's make sure they know of our resolve.

    Board of Supervisors, chaired by the Honorable Mike Antonovich:
    Supervisor Antonovich
    Transportation Deputy Michael Cano

    Full METRO Board list available here: http://www.metro.net/about/board/executives/  

    METRO CEO Art Leahy

    Executive Director Doug Failing
    Administrative Offices: 213.922.6000


    Director Malcolm Doherty

    District 7 (LA & Orange County) Director, Michael Miles
    (213) 897-3656

    Office of Governor Jerry Brown

    Finally, please mark these important dates on your calendars.  On Tuesday, September 18, I will be moderating a community forum on the 710, to be held in Room 107 at the Convention Center at 7:00 p.m. Experts in science and medicine, and staff from METRO and Caltrans will be on the panel, so this is another excellent opportunity to be heard on this issue.  On September 25th, I will host a Quarterly Town Hall Meeting at Westridge School, Braun Auditorium at 6:30.  Closer to these dates, check for more information at http://www.cityofpasadena.net/district6


    To find City Council’s letter to METRO Board Chair, Mike Antonovich and the Council’s Resolution, open the link below. 

    City Council Letter to Metro Board Chair and Council's Resolution 



    Last night, hundreds of residents came to the City Council meeting to voice their opposition to LA METRO’s proposed alternative routes for the 710 freeway—routes that would have decimated neighborhoods throughout West Pasadena. I am deeply grateful to all who attended (notwithstanding some daunting technical problems with the sound system) and especially to my fellow Councilmembers who unanimously supported my resolution to oppose Alternatives F-5 (tunnel connecting I-10 to SR-134), H-2 (arterial road along Avenue 64), and H-6 (highway along Huntington Dr./Fair Oaks/Pasadena Avenue).

    Unfortunately, my Council colleagues would not agree to oppose proposed route F-7 (tunnel connecting I-10 with I-210) as I requested. The Council did direct staff to continue analyzing whether we can oppose Alternative F-7 notwithstanding Measure A. It will be important to pay close attention to this issue as I continue to oppose the alternatives.

    The Council’s decision is just a first step. It’s time to let the METRO board know that they must no longer consider these routes as part of any study or EIR. Although I asked the METRO staff repeatedly last night when the METRO board will eliminate certain routes from consideration, they could only answer that in October there will be an information item regarding the status of staff’s analysis of potential routes to be studied.

    I urge everyone to write to the METRO board to express your adamant opposition to the alternatives . The METRO board meets every fourth Thursday of the month (except August), at 9 a.m. in the 3rd Floor METRO Boardroom at 1 Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012. The chair of the METRO board is LA County Board of Supervisor Mike Antonovich. Here is his contact information:

    215 N. Marengo Avenue, #120
    Pasadena, CA 91101-1505

    For those interested in knowing more about the meeting last night, the video of the meeting is available on the City’s website, www.cityofpasadena.net/CouncilAgendas/Videos.  Scroll down and look for: Archive Meetings. KPAS, Charter Cable Channel 3 will rebroadcast the meeting on Saturday August 18th at 2:30 and 10 p.m.

    KABC 7 posted some immediate post-meeting thoughts: http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/story?section=news/local/los_angeles&id=8772234  

    NBC 4’s video coverage of the meeting is still in the process of being uploaded, but one part is available at http://www.nbclosangeles.com/video/#!/on-air/as-seen-on/Resident-to-Metro---22You-Cannot-Dig-Up-People-s-Homes-22/166078156  

    Finally, the Pasadena Sun shared its perspective of last night's meeting, here: http://www.pasadenasun.com/the626now/tn-626-pasadena-slams-freeway-proposals,0,1238765.story  & the San Gabriel Valley Tribune updated their comments, here: http://www.sgvtribune.com/news/ci_21306478/pasadena-city-council-considers-opposition-710-extension  

    Check periodically on the District 6 website www.cityofpasadena.net/district6 for updates.  Posted messages contain important information about the District 6 Forum on the SR710 on September 18th and the Quarterly Town Hall Meeting on September 25th.

  • I Share Your Outrage and Anger Regarding the 710 Freeway Routes (August 6, 2012)

    I share your outrage and anger regarding the proposed 710 freeway routes. I have personally opposed the completion of the 710 in Pasadena and was the sponsor of the successful City Council resolution against completion in 2000. I also opposed Measure A, which as you know passed City-wide in 2001 (even though an overwhelming majority of us in West Pasadena voted "no"). I find these new iterations being proposed by METRO/CalTrans particularly egregious, as they would cut directly through West Pasadena, devastating our neighborhoods and generating pollution, noise and traffic along the Arroyo Seco.

    Next Monday's City Council meeting, at which this issue will be formally agendized, will be very important. To accommodate the anticipated huge public interest, the meeting has been moved from City Hall to the Convention Center. Here are the details:

    Monday, August 13, at 6:30 P.M.; Pasadena Convention Center, Room 107

    At that time I intend to lay out a strong case that the City of Pasadena oppose these proposed routes, and I am hopeful my fellow Councilmembers will join me.

    Meanwhile, I thank you all for getting the word out to friends and neighbors throughout the City and region, and asking them to join us in opposition to these routes.

  • Statements from Councilmember Madison on the SR710 


     (Sent July, 19, 2012)

    Many of you have contacted me about the appalling 710 Freeway routes that METRO/Caltrans has proposed.  As you know, back in 2000, I proposed and achieved passage of a resolution by the City Council opposing the completion of the 710 in Pasadsena. Thereafter, in March 2001, the residents of Pasadena voted on a local ballot initiative reversing the Council’s resolution, and proposing instead that the policy of the City be to support the completion of the 710. At that time the a surface route along Pasadena Avenue was the option being proposed. Since then, Caltrans proposed a tunnel project and now METRO and Caltrans have proposed several options that would have a devastating impact on our neighborhoods and our quality on life in West Pasadena. Let me be clear: I vigorously oppose all of the METRO/Caltrans routes.


    (Sent July 24, 2012)

    want to thank the many constituents who came to City Council last night to express their deep concern about the potential 710 freeway routes proposed for West Pasadena by METRO/Caltrans.

    As I have expressed earlier, I am adamantly opposed to any 710 routes that would cut through West Pasadena and threaten our quality of life and the environmental integrity of our neighborhoods. At my request this topic will be formally agendized for discussion at the August 13 City Council meeting. In anticipation of a larger audience, another venue for the meeting may be selected. We will let you know once that's been determined.

    Measure A, which was passed in 2001 by Pasadena voters (but soundly rejected by District 6 constituents!) gives rise to a procedural issue regarding the degree to which the City Council can oppose the specific routes being proposed by METRO/Caltrans, or the process by which those routes were proposed. I have asked the City Attorney to carefully review this issue, and to seek the guidance of outside counsel if appropriate. I do not believe that Measure A should impede any opposition by the Council to these newly proposed routes, or the flawed process that produced these routes.

    Please note the following meetings that our office is convening on this subject as well:

    710 Community Forum
    September 18
    7-8 p.m.
    Pasadena Convention Center

    District 6 Quarterly Town Hall Meeting
    September 25
    6:30-8 p.m.
    Location to be Arranged

    I know that many of you have corresponded directly with METRO/Caltrans. I urge you to continue to do so. METRO staff reports that in a single afternoon over 60 messages were sent in opposition to the proposed options. I understand the matter may be discussed at a meeting of the METRO board on August 29; we will keep you posted on that as well.

    I am working with our elected legislators and recommend that you contact them as well--Congressman Adam Schiff, State Senator Carol Liu, State Assemblyman Anthony Portantino and Supervisor Mike Antonovich.

    Thanks for your interest in this important issue, and please let us know any thoughts or questions you may have.  

    For those of you who want more information on these routes, you can find the alternatives at this link:  http://www.metro.net/projects_studies/route_710/images/sr710_open_house_alt_concepts.pdf  
    If you receive the West Pasadena Residents Association Newsletter, see page 11 of the Summer 2012 issue where you will find an informative article on the SR710.

    The most important step to take now is to express your opinion. METRO and Caltrans are now in the process of paring down the list of alternatives and will issue a new list by the end of August. So, the time for us to speak out is now.  To weigh in directly with METRO go to http://www.metro.net/projects/sr-710-conversations/  click on “CONTACT US” and complete the short form.

    We will continue to keep you posted on the progress of this. In the meantime please do not hesitate to let us hear from you with any questions, concerns or information you have. Thanks.

  • Statement from Councilmember Madison on Linda Vista Park

  • Over the past few weeks, I’ve received many emails urging me to support Linda Vista Park. I want to make it clear that I worked very hard, along with others, to open Linda Vista Park and I will continue to strongly support it.

    Many do not realize that Linda Vista Park is located on Pasadena Unified School District, not City, property; the City leases the grounds for the Park. To provide some history, several years ago the school property became available when PUSD closed Linda Vista School. At that time, a group of Linda Vista residents came together and proposed many uses for the property, including a community center, a farmer’s market, a coffee shop and more. My office held a number of meetings to gather community input.

    Given the somewhat dilapidated condition of the buildings, it became clear that the most viable use of the property was to convert a large section of the open space into a community park. With the support of the City Manager, the driveway was poured, new fencing went in, trash bins were added, the trees were timed a play area was improved with the addition of equipment for young children and the grounds were placed on a maintenance list for the park crew.

    Over three years ago we had the grand opening and I have been proud to co-sponsor an annual community picnic in the park with the Linda Vista Annandale Association each year thereafter. Just last summer, we added the latest amenity, a new drinking fountain, even though PUSD’s interest in selling or leasing the property was already evident.

    I want to thank the Linda Vista community and particularly, Betsy Nathane, who has worked with my office to try to ensure that the space can be kept open as a neighborhood park. We hope to welcome the community there for many years, but we are mindful that it is PUSD property.

    As the PUSD contemplates its potential options, I have met with the PUSD Superintendent and School Board members and told them that the Park should remain a park, no matter what. Next week, the Council has a joint meeting with the PUSD Board (Tuesday, February 21, at City Hall at 6:30 p.m.) and the District staff will report on the status of the site from the District’s perspective.

    I understand the School Board is scheduled to discuss the site at its regular meeting on February 28 as well and I am confident that the concerns and comments of myself and other Linda Vista residents will be duly considered in the Board’s deliberations.
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