/assets/0/73/6442452101/6442452104/32c7f010-2a61-4f55-a74a-ff12b6a65bd5.jpgPolice Chief Phillip L. Sanchez reminds citizens that they may dispose of unwanted firearms through the Pasadena Police Department. All types of firearms are accepted, including pistols, rifles, shotguns, antiques, or replicas, regardless of their condition. There is no cost associated with surrendering your firearm.

Community members can request a police officer to respond to their home or business in Pasadena, where they can surrender the weapon. Individuals may also transport the unloaded weapon to the Pasadena Police Department at 207 N. Garfield Avenue, Pasadena CA. If you intend to transport the firearm into the police station, please contact the Pasadena Police Department beforehand at (626) 744-4241. The police operator will provide instruction on the safe and legal means for transportation. Gun registration or related paperwork is helpful, although not necessary to voluntarily surrender the firearm.

The police department also accepts unwanted ammunition; however, military ordinance requires special handling and will be evaluated for safe disposal by law enforcement personnel on a case by case basis.

Removing unwanted firearms by turning them into law enforcement is an important step citizens can take to ensure guns never end up in unintended hands and possibly used in a violent crime.  




Posted: 2/6/2013 02:45:00 PM
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