/assets/0/73/6442452101/6442452104/32c7f010-2a61-4f55-a74a-ff12b6a65bd5.jpgPasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard and Police Chief Phillip Sanchez announced today that a comprehensive independent audit of cases within the Detective Bureau will be implemented in response to allegations of misconduct against Pasadena Police Officers Kevin Okamoto and William Broghamer. The decision for an independent review was initiated following a recent court ruling involving a 2007 homicide investigation.

“The allegation of misconduct against the two members of our department is deeply concerning and has an immense impact on our employees and the community we serve,” said Sanchez. “I will not tolerate any misconduct. However, I would caution against broad-based assumptions of our professional men and women based on the allegations against a few.”

The audit will be conducted by Los Angeles-based Veritas Assurance Group, led by 31-year law enforcement veteran Ron Sanchez. The company will be contracted to examine cases investigated by Okamoto and Broghamer dating back to 2005 and will also examine a cross-section of Detective Bureau reports and criminal case filings to ensure consistency in reporting and that procedures were followed. At the conclusion of the audit, an Executive Summary will be made available to the public.

In addition to the external audit, the Pasadena Police Department’s Internal Affairs Section continues to investigate the allegations against the two officers. The department will continue to fully cooperate with any outside inquiries.

“Chief Sanchez has worked diligently since his appointment in 2010 to further changes within the department’s policies, procedures and protocol to enhance accountability,” said Mayor Bill Bogaard. “While those efforts continue, we must also ensure that the residents of Pasadena have confidence in our police department, and I believe these internal and external reviews initiated by Chief Sanchez will accomplish that goal.”

“The City Council Public Safety Committee oversees City public safety programs and policies on behalf of the residents of Pasadena, to whom they are directly accountable” added Councilman Steven Madison. “As the Chair of the Public Safety Committee, and as a former federal prosecutor myself, I will work with my colleagues and staff to ensure that our City's public safety agencies are above reproach in their work, and I will make sure that the audit summary is shared with both the City Council and the public.”

“I remain confident in Chief Sanchez’s leadership and the overall professionalism of the Pasadena Police Department,” added City Manager Michael Beck. “The City of Pasadena has a proud history of community policing and of delivering a high quality of service. Until every member of the community feels secure in their local government, there is more work to be done.”

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Posted: 2/25/2013 09:20:00 AM
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