March 2014 Highlights


3/1                   Night Shift                   

PD-1 monitored and responded to the area of Garfield Ave and Howard St. regarding a vehicle pursuit.  Just prior to arrival, the vehicle yielded and the driver was found to be in possession of a firearm.  The passenger however fled on foot east towards Los Robles Ave.  PD-1 established a containment area and began a yard search.  During the search the suspect was located to the rear of an apartment building in the 1400 block of N. Los Robles Ave. hiding under a tree.  Both suspects were arrested for weapons and evasion charges.

3/8                   Night Shift                   

South Pasadena: PD-1 monitored a call of a DUI driver, northbound on Freemont from Main in the City of Alhambra.  PD-1 responded and located the vehicle near Freemont and Mission now travelling through the City of South Pasadena. PD-1 advised South Pasadena units who responded to the area as the vehicle continued northbound into Pasadena.  PD-1 kept the vehicle under observation and coordinated a traffic stop with ground units before the suspect vehicle could hurt anyone.  South Pasadena units conducted a field sobriety test on the driver who was later arrested for DUI.   

3/9                   Night Shift                   

Covina: While in Covina, PD-1 monitored a call of two subjects on the roof of a commercial building.  Once on scene, PD-1 located the two subjects on the roof.  While watching them, both subjects climbed off the building and ran in opposite directions along the train tracks.  PD-1 followed one of the subjects using the search light and provided responding units updates as to his whereabouts.  The subject was taken into custody without incident.  PD-1 assisted with a containment for the second suspect who ran eastbound, however, he could not be located.

3/10                 Day Shift                     

Monrovia:  PD-1 responded to a report of a possible Residential Burglary in progress in the 400 block of S. Sunset.  While working that location, units were advised of a ringing alarm activation across the street from the target location.  As ground units converged on the ringing alarm, PD-1 observed the suspect ran out of the back door of the location. The suspect quickly retreated back into the house after observing the helicopter and ground units.  He surrendered a short time later without incident.

PD-1 monitored a report of a Forgery in progress at the Chase Bank located at 2640 E. Colorado Boulevard.  The air crew arrived first and provided information to responding officers.  After the suspect walked out of the back door of the bank ground units took the suspect into custody.

3/14                 Night Shift                   

Alhambra: PD-1 responded to an attempt residential burglary in the area of 2300 block of  Midwick.  While en-route, PD-1 was cancelled after learning the suspect vehicle had left the location 10 minutes prior.  A short time later, PD-1 was re-contacted and advised the suspect vehicle had returned and was near the intersection of Midwick and Campbell.  Ground units arrived on scene and detained two occupants prior to PD-1’s arrival.  PD-1 arrived on scene and was advised a third suspect was last seen running south west from Stranahan and Fremont Ave. While searching the area, several informants called stating a male matching the description was seen running in the area of Fremont Ave and San Clemente St.  PD-1 set up a containment in the area around the location and made K-9 announcements prior to search teams beginning their search.  During the search, a roving unit located the suspect and another foot pursuit ensued.  After the ground unit lost sight of the suspect, PD-1 re-set the containment around the new area and while searching observed the suspect double back towards Fremont Ave.  PD-1 kept the suspect in view as the crew directed responding units to his new location.  After suspect had fled through countless yards, he eventually fell to the ground and waited for responding units to make contact.   

3/19                 Day Shift                     

Alhambra:       PD-1 monitored and responded to a pursuit of a DUI driver in the area Atlantic Ave. and Mission St.  PD-1 arrived over the pursuit and took over radio responsibilities. The pursuit continued at moderate to low speeds on surface streets and ultimately led to the suspect’s residence in Monterey Park where he was arrested.

3/19                 Night Shift                   

Covina:            PD-1 responded to 500 block of S. Stewart to relieve the day shift helicopter crew on a robbery containment and search.  Prior to arrival, units had established a perimeter around the location and a command post to coordinate activities and resources.  Upon arrival, PD-1 searched the area for the possible suspects.  During the search, ground units located a relative of one of the suspects who indicated the suspect was inside the target location.  The suspect was contacted via telephone and agreed to surrender without incident.   

3/31                 Day Shift                     

PD-1 assisted officers from the Fugitive Apprehension Unit in the 2000 block of Newport Avenue with the arrest of a known gang member. PD-1 coordinated the tactical operation and callout of the suspect.  Eventually the suspect surrendered without incident because of the overwhelming response and coordination.


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