Touching Base: A Message from the Chief (06/29/16)

Touching Base: A Message from the Chief
June 29, 2014


Dear Community& Department Personnel: 

For your information: 

The Pasadena Police and Fire Departments remind the public that it is illegal to sell, use, or possess fireworks in Pasadena.  The City maintains a Zero Tolerance Policy for fireworks.  Violators are subject to arrest and impound of vehicles.  For more information, please visit www.cityofpasadena..net.  

Our Community:  

On June 21, Pasadena Police Lieutenant Ed Calatayud, Corporal Glenn Thompson, and several other department representatives attended the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Explorer Academy, Class 92 graduation, which was held at Whittier High School.  The graduation was very well attended by family, friends, and law enforcement officials. Five Pasadena Police Explorers (local young people) graduated from the academy and will be assigned to the department’s Explorer Post 19.  Photos @PPDChiefSanchez. 

On June 21, Several Pasadena Air Operations officers participated in the Heroes Air Show, which was held at the Hansen Dam Sports Complex. Attendees learned about helicopters and the critical role they play in law enforcement. 

On June 21, I attended the 2014 June-Teen Festival, which was held at the Jackie Robinson Center. The event was well attended by local vendors, community members, and city Staff.  Human Services & Recreation Administrator Horace Wormely and Supervisor Jarvis Emerson coordinated the event, which is a community favorite. Pasadena Police Office Supervisor Beverly Bogar also attended the event.  Photos @PPDChiefSanchez. 

On June 21, Pasadena Police Lieutenants Vasken Gourdikian, Jason Clawson, Officer Luis Banuelos, and I attended a memorial reception at the Studenmund residence for United States Army Staff Sergeant Scott Studenmund.  Scott was a Special Forces Green Beret serving in Afghanistan when he was killed in combat.  By all accounts, Scott was an exceptional young man and well suited for the rigors of the Special Forces.  Pasadena Mayor Bogaard (a longtime family friend) was also at the memorial.  Mrs. & Dr. Studenmund were surrounded by family, friends, and Special Forces Soldiers who served with their son, Scott.  

On June 21, Pasadena Police Office Supervisor Beverly Bogar and I attended the Altadena Community Garden Annual Picnic.  The event featured wonderful food, entertainment, and garden tours.  The event is a community favorite and is always well attended.  This year was no exception.  PasadenaCommunity leader Walt Jackson was also at the event. Photos @PPDChiefSanchez.   

On June 21, Pasadena Police Lieutenant Vasken Gourdikian and I attended a reception to celebrate the unveiling of the “First American Armenian Rose Float,” which will be featured in the 2015 Rose Parade.  Attorney Mark Geragos served as the emcee and VIPs included: US Congresswoman Judy Chu, Pasadena Councilman Terry & Mrs. Tornek, Mrs. & Mr. Richard L. Chinen (2015 Tournament of Roses President), Mrs. & Mr. Chris Chahinian, and Pasadena Police Lieutenant Phlunte Riddle (ret.). The event was held at a private residence in Pasadena. Photos @PPDChiefSanchez.  

On June 21, Corporal Steve Oberon and Officers Panfilo De La Cruz and Domino Scott attended the Professional Child Development Associates (PCDA) Teen Club Carwash.  The event was held to benefit autistic children and other young people with various disabilities. Steve, Panfilo, and Domino donated their personal funds to support the carwash.  PPD’s participation was coordinated by Officer Andrea Perez, who is affiliated with PCDA. Photos @PPDChiefSanchez. 

On June 22, I attended “Happy Birthday Pasadena,” which was held at the Pasadena Museum of History.  This year marked the city’s 128th year.  The event was very well attended by local officials, community leaders, and other stakeholders.  Elected officials included: Mayor Bogaard and Council Members Terry Tornek, Gene Masuda, and John Kennedy.  Rhonda Stone (Field Representative for Mayor Bogaard), Christian Cruz (District 3 Field Representative), Assistant City Manager Julie Gutierrez, City of Pasadena PIO William Boyer, and Northwest Commissioner Michele Bailey also attended the birthday party.  Photos @PPDChiefSanchez. 

On June 23, I attended the AGBU Summer Camp Kick Off, which was held at the AGBU campus.  The event was very well attended by students, staff, and AGBU Executives.  The program is focused on academic enrichment and development.  Photos @PPDChiefSanchez. 

On June 24, I met with the Vision 20/20 Community Group, which was held at the Flintridge Center. The meeting was well attended by local community members and Flintridge Staff.  Brian Biery (Flintridge Center) facilitated the meeting and District 1 Field Representative Tina Williams was also present.  I focused my remarks on the 2013 Pasadena Police Department’s Personnel Complaints data, Use of Force Recap, and Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) investigations.  The department’s 2013 personnel investigations and UOF data is available on line at: http://www.cityofpasadena.net/Police.  

Pasadena’s Finest: 

On June 23, I received an email from John Blanchard (The John Blanchard Company, Inc.) commending Pasadena Police Officer Daniel Morris for his organization skills while assigned to the department’s Event Planning Team.  John wrote, “… It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope that you make your way back to Event Planning as you have the personality and professional ability to excel in that position.  You have a lot to offer and the department will be well served….”  

On June 24, several Pasadena Police employees, families, friends, and Pasadena Police Officers Association (PPOA) Board Members, attended the PPOA’s Scholarship Awards Ceremony. The Large Assembly Room was pack as several young people were recognized for their academic achievements.  Pasadena Police Commander John Perez, PPOA President Robert Mercado, and Vice President Sean Dawkins provide brief remarks about the honorees and their achievements. Several of the scholarships were sponsored by the Kirby Family in memory of Pasadena Police Officer Lloyd Kirby, who served the city and police department honorably for 29 years.  Mrs. Kirby, her son, Pasadena Police Sergeant Christopher Kirby, and his family were at the ceremony to congratulate the honorees.  Photos @PPDChiefSanchez. 

On June 24, I received a letter from DAR PRO Solutions Corporate Security Director Gary H. Edgington, commending Pasadena Police Detective Mary Hooker and Pasadena Police Sergeant Tory Riley.  Mary arrested Dexter Davison for Inedible Kitchen Grease Theft (IKGT) after a comprehensive investigation.   

On June 24, several Pasadena Police supervisors, officers, employees and volunteers attended “The Pasadena Police Department’s Years of Service” ceremony.  The event recognized employees who have served the department for 10 and 20 years.  Each employee received a city pin for their exceptional service and tenure.  Photos @PPDChiefSanchez. 

On June 26, the Pasadena Police Department’s CREDIT (Community Response to Eradicate and Deter Identify Theft) Unit celebrated its 10th Anniversary.  The unit is staffed entirely by POLICE VOLUNTEERS in conjunction with the Financial Crimes Unit.  The CREDIT Volunteers contact every identity theft victim my phone and to date have investigated over 7,000 cases. These dedicated and special public servants include:  Liz Diott, Duane Allen, Tom Lenzo, William Jennings, Larry Johnson, Julie Paque, and Peter LeSourd.  They are supported by PPD Detectives Joseph Allard, Derrick Carter, Paul Granados, Dena Nestlerode, Sergeant Mike Bugh, and Lieutenant Teresa Rojas.  

On June 26, several Pasadena Police officers, employees, and volunteers attended the Parsons Emergency Preparedness Fair, which was held at the Parsons corporate headquarters.  The event focused on preparedness through interactive events, watching demonstrations, and meeting emergency personnel.   

Critical Incidents:  

On June 23, Pasadena and Glendale SWAT officers assisted the FBI in the service of several arrest warrants throughout the region.  The warrants focused on suspects from a local street gang known for their violence.  One gang member was arrested with approximately $12,000 in US Currency and six (6) ounces of methamphetamine.  A total of 50 arrests were made during the mission.  The investigation and warrant service is a great example of the collaborative team work among local, county, and federal law enforcement agencies.   

On June 21, Pasadena Police Detective J. Knighton distributed a wanted flyer requesting assistance in the effort to arrest a Kidnapping suspect (Ellis). During his investigation, Detective Knighton learned that, a few weeks earlier, Suspect Ellis had assaulted, punched, and strangled his girlfriend while at the Jackie Robinson Center. Suspect Ellis was confronted by a witness and subsequently fled the center.  Officer Glockson learned that Suspect Ellis was wanted and staying in Pasadena.  Glockson enlisted the assistance of Corporal Burgess, Officers Villcana, M. Jones, and M. Gligorijevic. They developed a plan and drove to the suspect’s home.  The officers located Suspect Ellis and arrested him without incident.  Ellis was subsequently booked at the Pasadena jail. 

On June 23 at about 3:30 a.m., Pasadena Police officers responded to Del Mar Boulevard, between Holliston Avenue and Hill Avenue regarding a serious traffic collision.  On arrival, officers located a vehicle that had crashed into a street pole.  The driver (Male 28, Pasadena Resident) was killed in the solo traffic collision.  The department’s Major Traffic Investigation Unit was notified and responded to investigate the collision.  The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office was notified and responded to remove the victim’s body. Our investigation is ongoing.  

On June 25 at about 10:57 a.m., Pasadena Police officers responded to Altadena Drive, one block north of Colorado Boulevard, regarding suspicious circumstances.  A community member (anonymous caller) advised the police dispatcher of a strong order of marijuana emitting from a building. On arrival, Officer David Thomas identified the source of the odor.  David notified the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Detectives about his observations.  Officers applied for a search warrant, which was subsequently approved by a judge.  Armed with the search warrant, officers entered the building and discovered an indoor marijuana cultivation farm (the farm was a very sophisticated hydroponic system).  The officers ultimately seized approximately 200 marijuana plants.  The marijuana plants were removed and booked as evidence at the Pasadena Police Department. Our investigation is ongoing.  SIU is supervised by Pasadena Police Sergeant David Reavis.   

On June 26 at about 6:28 p.m., the Pasadena Police Department received several calls about bees stinging community members in the 300 block of Anita Drive.  PPD and PFD responded to the incident to mitigate the occurrence. On arrival, emergency personnel learned that a home owner had sprayed water in her front yard near an active bee hive.  The bees swarmed the victim stinging her several times. Three neighbors ran to assist the victim and they also received bee stings. On arrival, the officers and firefighters were also swarmed by the bees; however, they were not stung. The victims were subsequently transported to a local hospital for medical assessment. The hive was removed by a professional vector company.  


Phillip L. Sanchez, Chief of Police
Pasadena Police Department
207 N. Garfield Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101
Office: (626) 744-4545
Mission First, People Always



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