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Fire Station 39 Rededication Ceremony 11 a.m., Sat., Dec. 14, 2013

Fire Station 39 Rededication Ceremony 11 a.m., Sat., Dec. 14, 2013


PASADENA, Calif.—The public is invited to join Mayor Bill Bogaard, Councilmember Steve Madison, Fire Chief Calvin E. Wells and other Pasadena officials on Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013, to celebrate the rededication of Fire Station 39 following its $2.9 million seismic retrofit and renovation. 

 The program begins promptly at 11:30 a.m.  Light refreshments and tours of Fire Station 39 at 50 Avenue 64 will be available after the program.  

Fire Station 39 is one of the oldest of the City Fire Department’s eight stations and was originally constructed in 1949.  The seismic retrofit and extensive interior remodel work was completed to comply with California earthquake and ADA (Disability Act) standards. 

 Improvement work retained the brick exterior of the two-story, 4,400-square-foot building to maintain the building’s historical significance.  Other work increased the building’s energy efficiency; installed new fire sprinklers and alarm systems; new interior living, office and kitchen spaces and a new emergency generator room. 

 The facility will be operational beginning Monday, Dec. 16, 2013, with Engine 39 and four firefighters.  The temporary station on Glen Summer Road with Rescue Ambulance 39 will be taken out of service. 

 The City worked with Pasadena Heritage, www.pasadenaheritage.org, to develop a sensible project that retains the building’s historic brick exterior using state historic preservation guidelines.   

 Project funding came from the city’s Capital Improvement Project Fund.  The construction project was managed by Pasadena’s Department of Public Works and work was completed by local general contractor Mallcraft, Inc.   

 For information about the dedication ceremony, contact Yesenia Alvarado at (626) 744-7033 or by email to yalvarado@cityofpasadena.net. 

 For information on the Department of Public Works, visit www.cityofpasdena.net/publicworks.  For information about the City of Pasadena, visit www.cityofpasadena.net or follow us on Twitter @PasadenaGov.  


 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 4, 2013 #103-13 

NEWS MEDIA CONTACTS: Yesenia Alvarado, Public Information Coordinator, Department of Public Works, (626) 744-7033, yalvarado@cityofpasadena.net, OR

William H. Boyer, Pasadena Public Information Officer, City Manager’s Office, (626) 744-4755, wboyer@cityofpasadena.net 




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