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City Manager Statement Regarding Public Health Director Dr. Eric Walsh

City Manager Statement Regarding Public Health Director Dr. Eric Walsh


PASADENA, Calif.—Pasadena City Manager Michael J. Beck has released the following statement regarding Dr. Eric Walsh, Director, Pasadena Public Health Department: 

“Dr. Eric Walsh has been placed on temporary paid administrative leave to provide the City of Pasadena the opportunity to complete an inquiry into statements made by him, in his private capacity, and to assess the impact those statements may have on his ability to effectively lead the City’s Public Health Department."

“During this time, Dr. Vivian Yeh is the City’s Acting Health Officer.  Ms. Leticia Saenz will oversee administrative responsibilities for the Department.  The Pasadena Public Health Department remains a strong and vital part of the City of Pasadena organization and remains dedicated to protecting the health and wellness of our entire community.” 

The City organization is made up of many different people from all backgrounds, races, faiths, family makeup, gender orientation and political beliefs.  The City holds diversity and inclusiveness as important values in the workplace and in our community. 

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 1, 2014 #030-14 

NEWS MEDIA CONTACT: William H. Boyer, Pasadena Public Information Officer, City Manager’s Office, (626) 744-4755, wboyer@cityofpasadena.net 

Posted: 5/1/2014 05:05:00 PM
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