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Safety Urged During Forth of July Activities in Pasadena

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Lisa Derderian
Fire Department
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Pasadena Fire Department reminds residents and visitors that the best way to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday weekend with family and friends is by attending a professional fireworks show. The sale and possession of all fireworks is illegal in Pasadena as well as most of Los Angeles County. Violators are subject to confiscation and impound of vehicles, up to one year in jail and fines up to $50,000. Due to high fire hazards and injuries, Pasadena police and fire personnel will staff checkpoints around the Rose Bowl to seize all illegal fireworks and arrest offenders. “The risks with fireworks are not limited to their use. Risks also exist wherever fireworks are stored, transported or sold,” states Pasadena Fire Chief Dennis J. Downs.

Parking enforcement officers will ensure that vehicles illegally parked in hillside areas on July 4 are impounded. Pasadena Fire Officials stress that the aim is to prevent accidents and injuries. “Even sparklers, which most people consider safe, can reach temperatures of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, burn people seriously and cause fires. Adults wouldn’t ordinarily allow children to get near anything that hot but for some reason they think it’s acceptable to put sparklers in the hands of children on the Fourth of July,” adds Downs. Nationally, two of five people injured by fireworks were under the age of 15.

Statistics show that nearly 10,000 fireworks-related injuries are treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms annually. In 2009 (latest National Fire Protection Association), more than nine out of 10 (92 percent) emergency room patients with fireworks-related injuries were injured by fireworks that federal regulations permit consumers to use. Fireworks are the riskiest consumer product.

Prior to this year’s holiday, Pasadena Fire Department will apply Phos-Chek on June 30th to brush areas surrounding the Rose Bowl Stadium. The main ingredients of this wildland fire retardant are phosphates and fertilizers that help prevent trees and grassland from burning and revegetate wildland areas. “This is a preventive measure for Fourth of July activities and the summer season that the Fire Department has conducted for the past several years,” said Downs.

For more information about fireworks safety and enforcement, contact Pasadena Fire Department at (626) 744-7276. For information about the Americafest Fourth of July celebration, visit www.rosebowlstadium.com or call (626) 577-3101.

Posted: 6/22/2011 01:35:00 PM