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  • Complaint Inspections

    Residents can call the fire department to report any conditions they feel are hazardous and a Complaint Inspection Request will be filled out. If they wish, they may leave their contact information or they may remain anonymous. The time and date of the call are recorded, as well as the name of the person taking the complaint. The caller will be asked to give the address of the complaint location along with a brief description of the conditions they feel pose a fire hazard. The information collected is then faxed to the station that inspects that district.


    • Upon receipt of Complaint Inspection Request form, the station should schedule an inspection based on the request description and ability to complete it. Should the shift on duty not be able to complete the inspection, it should be left for the next shift to complete. (All Complaint Inspection Request should be completed within 7 days)
    • Once the inspection is completed, the ‘Report of Action Taken’ should be filled out, and then signed and dated by the inspector. If needed and available ‘Owner Information’ should obtained. The completed "Complaint Inspection Request Form" should then be sent back to FESD.
    • If a violation is issued, a copy of the violation should be sent with the completed Complaint Inspection Request form to the Fire and Environmental Safety Division.

    Proper re-inspection should be completed for all issued violations. If there is non-compliance after the re-inspection is should be referred to the Fire and Environmental Safety Division.

    Download the Complaint Inspection Notice below:

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