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  • The Emergency Shelter Grant Program (ESG)

    The Emergency Shelter Grant ("ESG") Program is a federal funding source utilized by the Pasadena Community Development Commission to address homelessness in the city. The range of activities funded with ESG grants include homeless prevention, shelter operation, food assistance, counseling, job preparation, motel vouchers, and rental start-up funds. ESG funds are allocated by the city annually to local agencies serving the homeless population.

    Agencies who wish to apply for ESG funds and/or to be included on the ESG mailing list should contact the CDBG Program Coordinator at (626) 744-8300 or email alansing@cityofpasadena.net 



    Info Line (626) 350-6833
    Emergency Shelter Line (626) 797-5335
    Passageways (626) 403-4888



    Union Station (626) 240-4550
    Pasadena Bad Weather Shelter
         Activation Infoline
         Administration (ECPAC)
    (888) 915-8111
    (626) 797-2402
    Elizabeth House (pregnant women/children) (626) 577-4434
    Walter Hoving Home (women) (626) 405-0950
    Haven House (women/children) (626) 564-8880
    OASIS (youth) (626) 795-8192