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  • Rental Assistance Program (Section 8)

    The City of Pasadena Housing Department (CoPHD) administers the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program, a federally- funded program which assists very low income households obtain affordable, decent, safe, and sanitary housing. The assistance is in the form of a rental certificate or voucher which is issued to an eligible household. The household is responsible for locating a suitable rental unit within the city that meets its needs. The program makes monthly housing assistance payments to the property owner who leases the rental unit to the assisted household. The assistance payments make up the difference between what a very low income household can afford and the approved rent for the dwelling unit. Rents must be reasonable in relation to rents charged for comparable non-assisted dwelling units in the market area, and may not exceed the maximum levels determined by HUD. Assisted households must pay 30% of their adjusted income for rent. All units leased with Section 8 assistance must meet federal housing quality standards and be inspected at least annually. Approximately 1,300 households in the city are receiving assistance under the program.

    The City of Pasadena Housing Department is not accepting applications for the waiting list. The Waiting List has been closed since May 5, 2008. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions and currently we do not have a date for re-opening the Waiting List.

    For more information on the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program, please call the Housing Department at (626) 744-8300.

  • Pasadena Housing Search

    The Housing Department has a new and free housing search website which is called Pasadena Housing Search and it is located at http://pasadenahousingsearch.com/.

    It has free listings and you are able to search for properties in and around the City of Pasadena and across the County of Los Angeles. PasadenaHousingSearch.com is a partner website and shares listings with the Los Angeles County Housing Resource Center which posts housing data, information and resources for the entire County of Los Angeles. List and search from either site!

  • Affordable Rental Housing Projects

    There are 2,173 units of affordable rental housing in Pasadena which were developed with the assistance of some form of government financial subsidy and/or entitlement. Most of these units are restricted to very low income households at affordable rents.  The following list contains the project address, project type (e.g., senior housing), total number of units, income eligibility limit, and phone number of the project manager.

     Affordable Rental Housing List May 2014 

    For more information on the Supportive Housing Programs listed above, please contact the Program Coordinator at (626) 744-8300.