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    The Children and Youth Issues Office seeks to achieve the following: promote and facilitate City and community planning which is responsive to the needs of children and youth; encourage and facilitate the development of leadership skills and the proactive participation of youth in City and community efforts; increase the awareness of Pasadena as a family community; expand quality programs and activities available for children of school age; and maximize academic, social, and recreational opportunities available for young people.

    Co-sponsorship of Youth Month activities, publication of a Resource Directory of Youth Activities, and support of the Pasadena Youth Council are a few activities of this project. Additionally, this office is working with local youth to develop programs and activities specifically to and approved by youth.

    For more information, please call (626) 744-4386. Fax: (626) 744-6821. 

    To view the full Early Child Development policy, click this link: 

     Early Child Development Policy 2015.

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