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    The City of Pasadena has adopted the 2013 California Building Code (CBC) and 2013 California Residential Building Code (CRC) and has made few amendements to some section which includes Roofing and Re-roofing requirements as a building standard (see Pasadena Municipal Code Section 14.04.110, 14.04.115, and 14.04.315).

    Built-up roofs must comply with the requirements as set forth in the codes. Rotting is common and may not adequately provide support for the new roof barrier.  Roof sheathing inspeciton is required before covering.  A final inspection is also required. 

    Any roofing covering weighing more than six pounds per square foot (6 PSF) will require engineering calculations from a registered engineer addressing the additional loads imposed upon the existing roof structure. The engineer must also note that the entire structure is adequate to sustain the additional loads, regardless if the original is remaining or removed.

    Roofs requiring engineering shall have a dimensioned roof plan with structural calculations submitted to Building & Safety for review. An inspection of the roof is required (regardless if structural modifications are necessary) at a time when the roofing material is removed and before the solid sheathing is applied.


    When the entire roofing material is removed, plywood is replaced, or new plywood installed, nailing shall be inspected first before covering. If plywood is added over space sheathing, nailing inspection is required before installing any covering. When recovering over an exisiting roof, an inspection is required before new roofing material is installed to verify the number of layers of roof covering.  A final inspection is always required.

    All roof sheathing and roof final inspections shall require a ladder, which the contractor shall supply.  According to the adopted codes, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are required. See CBC Section 907.2.11 & 420.6.2 and CRC Section R314 & R315. 

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