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    Find My Phone 

    Many smart phones have applications to assist in recovering lost or stolen phones. In some cases when the owner had installed a special application their phones were located and the thieves responsible for the thefts were arrested. Therefore, the Pasadena Police Department encourages you to see what types of apps are available to you through your cell phone provider.

    Most cellphones/iPads now come with a GPS receiver. There are many benefits to having a GPS receiver on your phone. One of the most common uses for a GPS enable phone is to obtain driving directions. There are other uses for it with the aid of applications (apps) available through your cell phone provider. One such use is to have the ability to locate your phone in the event it is lost or stolen. It is recommended that such an application is installed on your phone/iPad, however since there are many different types of apps available it is advisable to read the description of each application and read user reviews to educate yourself with the pros and cons of each app. We recommend that you contact your cellphone provider to see what types of applications are available to and you compatible with your phone.

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