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    "We Exist To Serve The Community"

    Service is the foundation of the value system for the Pasadena Police Department. The highest form of service is to protect the lives and property of one's fellow human beings. Our city provides an exciting and diverse environment for personal and professional achievement. We recognize that our achievements as public servants will be measured by the level of safety and well-being enjoyed by our community.

    "How We Get The Job Done Is Just As Important As Getting The Job Done"

    We have a continuing commitment to operational excellence that recognizes that the process is as important as the product. We are refining the traditional role of the police employee to instill an attitude and behavior which focuses on people in a constructive and positive way.

    "We Believe In The Personal Touch"

    This is an expressive phrase that embodies a state of mind, an approach to delivering police services that acknowledges that in order to be truly effective we must express genuine concern, with conviction, that we are in the business of serving people. We recognize the dignity of all people and treat them accordingly.

    "We Are Proactive"

    Stopping crime before it occurs is our most important function. Identifying conditions which foster crime in our community and doing something about them is a joint police - community responsibility. Thinking about crime fighting is important but preventing crime is paramount.

    "We Are Fair But Firm"

    The Pasadena Police Department practices this value both within the organization and with the communities we serve. We are flexible in dealing with issues in an open and sensitive manner. However, we are committed to the consistent application of the law for the common good.


    Delivering the best service or product possible is the ultimate goal for each employee of the Pasadena Police Department. The effort that one undertakes to obtain such a standard is the most important aspect of this value. Police employees are expected to do the best possible job at all times.


    Utilizing creativity to meet today’s challenges is paramount for the Pasadena Police Department to effectively solve problems. While having a consistent process to complete our daily tasks may be valuable in many circumstances, we do not serve this process. We must be willing to seek solutions that exist outside of our normal methodology in order to address the complexities of our era.


    The police department will demonstrate, through its actions, an uncompromising allegiance to the core principles espoused within the Police Officer’s Code of Ethics. Every Pasadena Police Department employee will embrace ideals such as honor, duty, courage, equality, fairness, and dignity.

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