Department of Public Works

  • Electric System Undergrounding Utility District 06-1

    Raymond Avenue, Maple Street to North City Limits


    The City has a continuing program to underground all overhead electric systems, specifically communication and power lines. The undergrounding of overhead electric systems improves system reliability, and the aesthetic quality of an area is enhanced by the removal of unsightly utility poles and overhead wires. Although the affected utilities are currently preparing draft plans for the undergrounding system, an established underground utility district is necessary to require the affected property owners to underground their private property facilities. 
    PWP, AT&T, Champion Broadband, and Charter Communications will be installing new underground facilities in order to maintain their existing services. Utilities will enter into a joint trench agreement with the Department of Water and Power’s contractor, in which all utilities will share in the space and cost of the trench.

    After the installation of underground infrastructure, cables, trans­formers and other facilities, the affected property owners must install conduits from their property line at the sidewalk to their existing meter or designated service point. The cost of the work ranges from $2,000 to $5,000, in which the City will reimburse each property owner up to $2,000 or the lesser actual cost of the work to underground private power facilities. 
    Removal of poles and overhead wires will take place after all affected property owners complete the underground conversion and connected to the underground system.

    Total number of properties within proposed utility district:  247
    Properties with overhead services required to convert: 176
    Total number of poles to be removed: 150
    Total number of miles within proposed utility district: 2.1

    The table below provides a projected schedule as it relates to the underground construction of Utility District 05-2.
    Projected schedule as it relates to the underground construction of Utility District 05-2
    Phase I Installation of Underground Infrastructure TBD
    Phase II Installation of Cables and Transformers (Secondary) TBD
    Phase III Installation of Cables and Transformers (Secondary) TBD
    Phase IV Private Property Conversion TBD
    Phase V Removal of Wires and Poles TBD
    Phase VI Installation of Street Lighting System TBD



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