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  • Electric System Undergrounding, Utility District 96-1

    Avenue 64 from Colorado Boulevard to South City Limits and La Loma Road from Avenue 64 to Laguna Road

    The City’s Utility Surtax provides funding for the undergrounding of overhead utility wires as it relates to existing power services. Other local utilities such as telephone and cable television are mandated to underground their overhead services along with the City through a process of joint trenching. All utilities share in the space and cost of the trench based on the percent of usage.

    Since establishment in 1996, the underground district has suffered major delays as a result of deregulation and a five year moratorium starting in 1995. In 2003, the moratorium was lifted and the City resumed the underground of CATEGORY I - Arterial and Collector streets. As of January 2007, the main underground system, vault drainage system, primary cables and transformers has been completed.
    The table below provides a projected schedule of remaining phases to be completed as it relates to the underground construction of Utility District 96-1. 

    Projected schedule of remaining Phases to be completed as it relates to the underground construction of Utility District 96-1
     Phase IV  Installation of Cables and Transformers July 2007
     Phase V  Private Property Conversion July 2007
     Phase VI  Removal of Wires and Poles October 2007

    To expedite and maintain the projected schedule of PHASE VI, all affected property owners are required to underground conduit for existing power (3”), telephone (2”), and/or cable (2”) utilities from the property line to the designated service point. The deadline for underground conversion is no later than JULY 30, 2007. Removal of overhead wires and poles CANNOT take place until all customers are converted to underground and connected to the underground system.
  • For More Information 

    Please visit Street Lighting and Electric System Undergrounding or you may call or email Danny Wooten, Program Manager at (626) 744-7401 or dwooten@cityofpasadena.net.