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  • Franchise System Requirements

    Attention Solid Waste Collection Haulers

    Effective October 6, 2008, a revised Solid Waste Collection Franchise System Ordinance #7154 in Chapter 8.61 of the Pasadena Municipal Code requires diversion of a minimum 60% for the collection of solid waste and 75% for construction and demolition or pay liquidated damages on Recycling Shortfall Tonnage.

    Qualified Solid Waste Collection Companies:
    Companies collecting, transporting, disposing and recycling in the City of Pasadena;

    On August 6, 2007, City Council approved an action to close the solid waste franchise system to any new franchisees under chapter 8.61 of the Pasadena Municipal Code until further action of Council. Existing franchisee with the City on or prior to August 6, 2007 may apply for a franchise renewal by following the procedures set forth in section 8.61.070.

    Basic Requirements for a Franchise Renewal:

    • Complete and submit all required forms and fees for possible approval;
    • Enter into agreement by and between the City of Pasadena and solid waste collection company;
    • Demonstrate compliance with Chapter 8.61 of the Pasadena Municipal Code and all provisions of that Chapter;

    Past Performance Review:

    • Auto, general and worker’s compensation insurance certificates ($100,000 for automobile liability and $1,000,000 for general liability) must be current.
    • Must utilize alternative-fuel solid waste collection vehicles in accordance with Rule 1193 through South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and California Air Resources Board (CARB).
    • Solid Waste Collection Vehicle Statement of Compliance approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).
    • California Highway Patrol Certification on file.
    • Business License Permit with approved vehicle inspections conducted by the Health Department.
    • Meet monthly and yearly 60% recycling diversion percentage for solid waste material and 75% for construction and demolition.
    • Audit Findings should be current.

    A copy of the revised Pasadena Municipal Code Section 8.61 is available online at www.cityofpasadena.net/cityclerk/municode.asp, or by requesting a copy from:

    Carmen Rubio
    (626) 744-7162

    Non-exclusive Solid Waste Franchise Haulers

  • Franchise Agreement Requirements

  • Forms to be completed when applying for a Franchise

  • Forms to be submitted on a monthly basis

  • Forms to be completed when applying for Waste Diversion Third Party

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