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  • Lower Arroyo Seco

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    The Lower Arroyo Seco lies near Pasadena's western boundary, and runs from the area immediately south of the Colorado Street bridge to Pasadena's border with the City of South Pasadena. This area, spanning approximately 150 acres, contains a natural park, fly casting pond and clubhouse, archery range and clubhouse, a system of rubble walls that retain the slopes and help define paths, multi-use trails, the La Casita del Arroyo community center, the Aids Memorial Grove, and several promontory outlook points such as the Bird Sanctuary. Visitors enjoy various types of native and naturalized plant life which serve as a habitat for a variety of bird, insect, and small mammal species. Visitors traveling to the park by automotive means can access the parking lot from Arroyo Blvd (just south of the Norwood Drive).

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