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Department of Public Works

  • Mulch Recycling 


    Mulch Pickup Location

    • New loads of mulch will be delivered once per month on the follow days in 2015: February 13, March 13, April 10, May 8, June 5, July 17, August 14, September 11 and October 9.
    • The mulch will be available from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. at Victory Park, 2575 Paloma Street and located in the southeast corner of the parking lot adjacent to Paloma Street.

    Mulch Benefits

    • Moderates the soil temperature and retains moisture during dry weather, reducing the need for watering.
    • Prevents germination of many weed seeds & reduces need for herbicides.
    • Protects the soil from the impact of raindrops that can cause crusting and prevents the germination of seedlings