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    Tips for Tree Maintenance and Care

    The City of Pasadena is proud to have thousands of mature trees that contribute long-term aesthetic, environmental and economic benefits to the City.  Our beautiful trees offer color, shape, texture and scale to our urban environment while filtering out air and water pollutants, increasing oxygen levels and reducing solar glare.  The Department of Public Works offers the following tips for maintaining trees or visit Pasadena Water and Power http://cityofpasadena.net/waterandpower/healthytrees/.   

      Tips for Tree Care Flyer  

     Pasadena Water and Power Tree Care Bill Inserts  

     Tips for Tree Maintenance and Care With Changing Landscapes  

    Polypagous Shot Hole Borer

    The Polyphagous shot hole borer (PSHB) beetle has been identified on public and private trees within the City of Pasadena. The insect attacks a variety of tree species by boring into the wood of a tree and depositing a fungus known as Fusarium, which can eventually kill the host tree.

    The Department of Public Works is working with experts from University of California Riverside Center for Invasive Species Research and The Huntington Botanical Gardens to develop best management practices in an effort to manage the PSHB. Residents are encouraged to review the following information about the Fusarium disease and the PSHB to protect your trees. 

     Power Point Presentation Presented to UFAC at the 12-10-14 Meeting 

     Power Point Presentation Presented to UFAC at the 3-11-15 Meeting 

     Power Point Presentation Presented to UFAC at the 06-10-15 Meeting 

    Additional information may be found at 

     Polypagous Shot Hole Borer 

    Newly Completed Projects

    New Play Equipment at Central Park
    A complete playground renovation was recently completed at Central Park.  The play area was exapnaded and new equipment installed for 2-5 and 5-12 year-old users. New picnic tables, benches, and shade trees were placed around the play area.

    Projects Underway

    Robinson Park
    The community center renovation and expansion project has commenced. A steering committee has been formed and is currently assissting the City in the selection of an architect. 

    Washington Park
    Sports turf renovation and accessibility improvements are underway at Washington Park. Turf improvements include better drainage, new sod, and a new backstop.  Accessibility improvements include a new concrete walkway to access the field and connect to adjaceent senior housing. 


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