Department of Public Works

  • Parks & Natural Resources Division

    The PNR Division can be broken in to the following operational categories:

    Park and Non-Park Maintenance Programs
    Pasadena has twenty-three parks totaling more than one thousand acres of parkland. While operationally distinct, maintenance efforts in the Arroyo Seco as well as those in all other city parks similarly strive to keep parks safe, functional, and attractive for residents and visitors. A top priority is responsible stewardship of natural resources including trees, natural areas, native vegetation and wildlife for both present and future generations. Over the past few years, the City's parks have benefited from improvements in park maintenance service levels and the commencement and continuation of an Athletic Field Renovation Program. The development of the Arroyo Seco has also served the parks by setting a vision for Pasadena's largest and most diverse park.

    In addition to maintaining City Parks, this Division also has responsibility for maintaining many non-park properties owned by the City. Work on non-park properties ensures that landscaped areas around City Hall, City Libraries, median islands, and other properties remain in top form with turf and horticulture maintenance, water conservation, litter removal and pest control.

    Urban Forestry Program
    The Urban Forestry program is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the City's Urban forest, which consists of more than 60,000 trees. This program is responsible for administering proper tree care; planting new trees; removing dead and hazardous trees; conducting reforestation projects in parks, municipal grounds, open spaces, medians and streets; maintaining a street tree database with maintenance information about trees throughout the City; and administering the City's Tree Protection Ordinance. Additionally, staff fields the public's questions and concerns regarding the health and status of street trees, and conducts community education programs to keep citizens informed about urban forestry. A list of trees that have been determined to be hazardous because they are dead or diseased is periodically provided to City Council prior to scheduling the removal. Residents interested in obtaining wood from these trees that are scheduled for removal should review the most recent tree removal list and contact the Customer Service Center at (626) 744-4321 prior to the tree's removal to coordinate with the tree’s removal schedule. 

    Park Renovation and Development Projects
    The Division is also responsible for administering all park-based capital improvement projects. This program entails working with the public, various city advisory groups, and city staff to develop the parks section of the City's Capital Improvement Program. Staff is responsible for administering these projects from inception to completion; developing project cost estimates, developing Request for Proposals, overseeing contracted work, and managing project budgets.

    The Division works closely with the Department of Human Services and Recreation to ensure that maintenance efforts do not unnecessarily impact the use of the City Parks. Citizens can obtain information about reserving park facilities and fields via the reservation/permit desk by calling (626) 744-7195. For general information about recreation programs, contact the Department of Human Services and Recreation at (626) 744-4386.

    Landscape Beautification Program 
    This program is designed to engage the community and allow everyone to participate in identifying potential spaces that would be improved by the installation of a combination of the following: Plants, Irrigation, Mulch or D.G., and site furnishings such as benches or boulders. 

    The submittal period has closed and will re-open in Fall 2017. An announcement will be made via the City Managers Newsletter.

    You can subscribe to the Newsletter here: http://www.cityofpasadena.net/CityManager/CM_Newsletters/ 


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