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    Southern California Gas Company - Hydrostatic Pressure Test on Natural Gas Pipelines

    Beginning mid-May 2015, Southern California Gas Company will be performing a hydrostatic pressure test on a segment of one of its natural gas pipelines. 

    Construction will take place at the following locations:

    • Fair Oaks Ave. between Hurlbut St. and Bellefontaine St.
    • Pasadena Ave. between Del Mar Ave. and Valley St.
    • Corson St. between Holly St. and Walnut St.


    For more information, please visit the following links below:







     Southern California Gas Company - Hydrostatic Pressure Letter 


     Crown Castle on behalf of Verizon Communications – 26 Applications for Telecommunications Facilities in public right-of-way 

    12-7-16 Decision Letters 

    11-9-16 Decision Letters 

    10-17-16 Decision Letter - Altadena A1

    10-11-16 Decision Letter

    9-20-16 Decision Letter 

    The applicant, Verizon Communications with Crown Castle as the Authorized Representative, is requesting permits to install wireless telecommunications facilities, upon an existing or new replacement streetlight or traffic signal pole within the public right-of-way at 26 various locations within the City.  The proposed work includes the installation of a small cell antenna system which includes but not limited to antenna equipment, remote radio units, conduits, fiber vault, etc. The bottom of the wireless equipment is at a minimum of 25 feet in height measured from the sidewalk.  No above ground cabinet will be placed in the public right-of-way.
    Notices were sent out and posted on various project sites that the Department of Public Works will take written comments on the application for the wireless telecommunications project at various locations. In accordance with the City of Pasadena Telecommunications Facilities ordinance, the comment period is either 10 or 30 days depending on the zoning districts. Written comments will be considered as part of the application review process. The project applications can be reviewed at Public Works Permit Counter, 175 N. Garfield Avenue, Lobby Window 6, by appointment only.
    For more information about the project or to schedule an appointment, please contact:
    Contact Person:  Yannie Wu                                      Phone: (626) 744-3762
    E-mail: ywu@cityofpasadena.net                               Fax: (626) 396-7660
    Mailing Address: Public Works Permit Counter, 175 N. Garfield Ave, P O Box 7115, Pasadena, CA 91109-7215 


  • Comments regarding Public Notices can be sent to the Department of Public Works at the following address:

    Public Works Permit Counter,
    175 N. Garfield Ave, Lobby Window 6
    P O Box 7115,
    Pasadena, CA 91109-7215
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