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  • Arroyo Seco Plans and Projects

    Caring for the Arroyo Seco and managing the resources is a process involving the participation of the City of Pasadena, county agencies, regional and local conservation and community organizations, and members of the community. Collaboration and participation between these individuals and groups is essential. Participating in the process benefits us all!

     Arroyo Seco Master Sign Plan 

    Oak Grove Area Improvements Project 

    Arroyo Seco Canyon Project 

    The Arroyo Seco Canyon Project, a partnership between the City of Pasadena Water and Power Department and the Arroyo Seco Foundation, is a water resources enhancement, habitat restoration, and recreation improvement project funded by the state integrated regional water management program and Pasadena Water and Power. Project benefits include:

    • Increasing local water supply
    • Enhancing water quality
    • Restoring aquatic and riparian habitat
    • Improving passive recreational opportunities

    Learn more about the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project

  • Planning Process & Documents


    The Arroyo Seco Master Plans are a set of documents defining the community vision for the Arroyo Seco Natural Park. The set is comprised of four separate planning documents. Links to the complete documents, or sections of each document, are located on the Arroyo Seco Master Plans webpage.

    Hahamongna Master Plan 

    Central Arroyo Master Plan 

    Lower Arroyo Master Plan 

    Design Guidelines 

    Environmental Review Process and documents

    Master Environmental Impact Report on the Arroyo Seco Master Plan

    Planning, construction, and restoration projects in the Arroyo Seco are subject to an environmental review. To learn more about this process, visit the Planning & Community Development webpage on the environmental review process.

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