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  • Curb Markings & Parking Restriction Signs

    Some parking restrictions are designated by the painting of the curb. The meaning of the color and the parking limitations for each you may view  by clicking PMC 10.40.120.

    Request for New Parking or Loading Zone Restriction
    On-street parking is public and is not owned by the residence or business that abuts the curb. However, the Traffic Engineering Division will investigate requests for a modification of existing parking restrictions and the installation of new parking restrictions. If a resident, business or property owner wants the Traffic Engineering Division to investigate the possibility of installing a new restriction, the individual should:

    1. Submit a letter detailing the exact location of the request, the reason for wanting a change to the Traffic Engineering Section at the address listed below:
    2. The City will then make an initial investigation to determine whether a change would be supported by the Department of Transportation.
    3. If the City will support the request, the person making the request will be provided a petition that explains what parking restriction is being requested with a (specifying hours and days of effectiveness and the requested time limit) and the reason why it is being requested.
    4. The person making the request is required to obtain signatures of at least two-thirds of the property owners and residents that will be affected by a change in parking restrictions. Each person signing the petition should also print their name and the address where the person owns or resides or the address where the business is located.

    Requests should be submitted to:

    City of Pasadena DOT
    Request for New Parking/ Loading Zone
    221 E. Walnut Ave., Ste. 210
    Pasadena CA 91101

    Cost for New Curb Installations If Approved
    If new time limits or loading zones requested by residents and businesses are approved, the cost to the person circulating the petition and making the request for installation is calculated based on the current fee schedule for curb markings and installation of signs.  The fee will be required prior to installation of the markings or signs.

    Maintenance of Existing Curb Markings & Signs
    Although the City routinely repaints existing curbs and replaces signs on an as-needed basis, please feel free to let us know if a curb or sign needs refurbishing by sending a written request to the Traffic Engineering Section or send an email to Alberto Felix.

  • Report Issues to the City OnLine

    You may report needed repairs and other issues online through the Pasadena Citizen Service Center.   Get information about or submit a service request for:

    CSC Button 
    • Animal Control Issues
    • Code Compliance
    • Garbage & Graffiti
    • Park & Tree Maintenance
    • Public Transportation Issues
    • Street & Sidewalk Issues
    • Food Safety & Parking
    • General Comments  & more ...

    To use the service, go to the Citizen Service Center and click on "Submit a Request."   Once you have submitted the request you will be contacted by the appropriate department. 

    Looking for general information?  Search our list of FAQs.

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