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  • Managing Traffic in Our Neighborhoods

    The City of Pasadena has a longstanding interest in protecting neighborhoods from cut-through traffic and speeding vehicles. As early as the 1980's, the City authorized installation of speed humps to slow traffic in residential areas. Today, almost 400 of these traffic management devices have been installed along with many other traffic management measures. Complete Streets Program activities are underway throughout Pasadena communities.  

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  • Reporting Speeding Problems in Your Neighborhood

    Speed Limit Radar Trailer

    There are times when people don’t realize that they are driving too fast and just need to be reminded of their vehicle speed habits. The Pasadena Police Department may place the radar trailer on streets where residents and business owners call to report possible speeding issues. The trailer displays the posted speed limit then measures your speed and gives you the information by displaying it under the area indicated by “Your Speed.” The trailer provides valuable information to the driver and stores data regarding speed and time of day that can be used later by the Police Department for enforcement and safety issues and the Transportation Department for planning and safety purposes.

    Pasadena Police Department
    If you would like to report a speeding problem in your neighborhood, please call (626) 744-4590.

    Speed Humps Request  
    In the 1980s, the City installed speed humps on a number of residential streets. This process became part of the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program in the early 1990s. By incorporating the installation of speed humps into a comprehensive program for addressing neighborhood traffic issues, the City gained the ability to improve traffic conditions in an entire area rather than on just one street.

  • Report Issues to the City OnLine

    You may report needed repairs and other issues online through the Pasadena Citizen Service Center.   Get information about or submit a service request for:

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    To use the service, go to the Citizen Service Center and click on "Submit a Request."   Once you have submitted the request you will be contacted by the appropriate department. 

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