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    Road Diet FAQs
    A typical road diet technique is to reduce the number of lanes on a roadway cross-section. One of the most common applications of a road diet is to improve safety in the context of two-way streets with 4-lane sections.

    School Zone Safety  
    In addition to obeying crossing guards, drivers should be aware that when you encounter a school bus that is stopped with flashing yellow lights, this is a warning for you to prepare to stop because children are boarding or departing from the bus.
    “School Zones Safety”

    Speed Limits 
     The “Basic Speed Law” for the State of California states that you must never drive faster than is safe for the conditions at the present time. 

    Speed Limits Brochure 
    The brochure explains the basics of realistic speed limits, summarizes applicable laws and provides a brief outline of how and why speed limits are determined. 

    STOP Signs 
    STOP signs formally notify drivers of a required stop that other drivers must make and yield the right of way to for intersecting traffic.

    Traffic Advisories 
    Moving traffic around construction zones is a high priority for the Department of Transportation.

    Traffic Circles Traffic circles are installed as a form of traffic control and operation at various intersections in Pasadena. 

    Truck Route Map 
    Please view the map to find out the various streets vehicles exceeding a gross weight of 6000 pounds are permitted to operate. 

    Traffic Control Lane Closure Map 
    Find out the times and locations that traffic lanes cannot be closed. 

    Traffic Signals 
    The City of Pasadena operates 300 traffic signals and 10 traffic surveillance closed circuit television cameras that allow personnel to monitor the traffic signals from the City's Traffic Management Center (TMC). 

    Traffic Signals Brochure 
    A traffic signal is an electronic device that assigns right-of-way at an intersection or street crossing.

    Traffic Counts
    Traffic counts are displayed on a citywide map and a more detailed east and west city map.   


  • Report Issues to the City OnLine

    You may report needed repairs and other issues online through the Pasadena Citizen Service Center.   Get information about or submit a service request for:

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    To use the service, go to the Citizen Service Center and click on "Submit a Request."   Once you have submitted the request you will be contacted by the appropriate department. 

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