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    Launched in 2011, the Rotating Public Art Exhibition Program seeks to create an outdoor art gallery to enliven the urban landscape, create a dynamic visual experience for residents and visitors, create more venues for artwork in the City, increase exposure and opportunities for artists who live and work in Pasadena, educate the public about public art by stimulating discussion, provide a cultural draw for tourists and provide entrée for artists new to public art.

    The first Phase of the Rotating Public Art Exhibition Program saw the installation of nine public art projects which remained on exhibit for a period of 18 months. The Program garnered ongoing local, regional and national attention and praise, with some of the most positive responses received from adjacent neighbors as well as local residents, tourists, artists, and other municipalities. Based on positive community response to the Program, Phase II includes expanded sites at the Convention Center and on North Lake Avenue; the Program now includes 11 total sites throughout Pasadena.

    For questions or if you are aware of a Rotating Public Art Exhibition project that has been vandalized or damaged please contact Cultural Affairs at (626) 744-7547. 

    Click here for Phase I brochure 
    Click here for Phase II brochure 

    Phase II

    Phase II – Selection Process

    A Panel comprised of two neighborhood representatives from each City Council District and three public art professionals selected these artworks from respondents to the City’s Request for Proposals in early 2013. Artworks are also reviewed by an art conservator and staff from the departments of Public Works and Transportation for appropriateness.

    Click here for the Phase II RFP 

    On June 19, 2013 the Arts and Culture Commission approved the Rotating Public Art Exhibition Program Phase II Selection Panel recommendations. Phase II includes the phased installation of eight public art projects: two site-specific and six loaned artworks located throughout Pasadena on City-owned property. Site specific artworks in the Program provide an opportunity to incorporate the unique relationship of proposed art concepts to certain sites as appropriate.

    Phase II includes two new sites at the Convention Center and on North Lake. The new sites were assessed and selected based on pedestrian and vehicular visibility, available footprint for sculpture pad and neighborhood plans for future site alteration or changes, and budget. The program now includes 11 total sites throughout Pasadena.

    Since its inception, the Rotating Public Art Exhibition Program has generated two new garden spaces for artwork sites at Catalina and Union and Washington and Marengo that provide hospitable enhancements at formerly barren City-owned parcels.

    Phase II – Implementation 

    In late May 2013 artists were notified of Panel recommendations. Artwork installations are scheduled to take place October 2013 – January 2014. All Phase II artworks will remain in place for a period of two years. A dedication for new artworks will be held in early 2014. New Program brochures detailing all artworks and locations will be available soon at www.cityofpasadena.net/arts

    Click here for the Rotating Public Art Exhibition Program Phase II Announcement and Dedication Information
     Click here for photos of all Phase II sites 
    Click here to view the Rain Garden and Art Dedication at Washington and Marengo  


    Phase II Locations and Artwork
    Council District 1:
    Raised island at NW corner of W. Washington Blvd. and Glen Ave.
    Patricia Mitchell and Eugene Wyrick “Flora de Luz”

    ARTS 31/32
    Metro 268

    Council District 2:
    Intersection at E. Foothill Blvd. and E. Walnut St.

    ARTS 10
    Metro 686, 256, 177

    Council District 3:
    233 W. Mountain St. and Sunset Ave.

    Donald Gialanella

    “Orb #5”

    ARTS 20, 51 Saturday, 51/52
    Metro 260, 762

    Council District 3:
    200 E. Washington Blvd. and N. Marengo Ave.  
     LT Mustardseed  “Together…Everything is Possible” ARTS 31/32
    Metro 268
    Council District 4:
    Raised median island east of intersection at E. Sierra Madre Blvd. and New York Dr. 
    Joseph and John Dumbacher
     “#482 Rewind” ARTS 32
    Metro 487
    Council District 5:
    N Lake/Maple 
    Steven Rieman  “Sol Ray” ARTS 20
    Metro 180/181, Gold Line Lake Station

    Council District 5:103 N. Catalina Ave and E. Union St.  

    Christie Beniston


    ARTS 20
    Metro 180,181,780 (at Lake/Colorado), 256,686

    Council District 6:
    300 E. Green St., Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Lobby 

    Kim Abeles

    “A Portrait of Trees in Pasadena, Part One”
    ARTS 10, 20, 40
    Metro 180/181
    Council District 7:
    235 S. Bonnie Ave. and E. Del Mar Blvd.  

    Arnold Martin

    “Monument to Curiosity”

    ARTS 10,60
    Metro 267, 181, 686
    Foothill Transit 187 (Colorado/Sierra Bonita)

    Council District 7:
    North end of raised island at Oakwood Place and S. Lake Ave.  

    Nancy Mooslin

     “Desert Melodies”

    ARTS 20
    Metro 177,485

    Council District 7:
    1199 S. Fair Oaks Ave. and W. State St.  
    NewTown Pasadena Foundation

    Sculptor/Fabricator Alessandro Thompson

    Poets TBA 

    “City Speaks II”
    Metro 260

    Click on the video below to view the fabrication of “Monument to Curiosity”

    Monument to Curiosity Assembly Montage from Arnold Martin on Vimeo 

    Please click here to listen to the three new poetry selections written by local artists for the City Speaks II.

    Pat Payne, Untitled

    Mikael Hakansson, The Power of Water and the Power of Wind

    Gwendolyn Alley, The Key and the Crown