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  • Neighborhood Coordination Fee

     A $178.30 per filming day fee will be charged to filming hosts, i.e. the principals hosting the filming, be it the property owner or tenant. Those who are not the primary filming host, but are involved renting parking or property for trucks or catering or equipment staging, are exempt from this fee. This fee will not be assessed on preparation and strike days or to filming hosts who host student, non-profit or still photography projects.

    Why a fee?
    The City began assessing this fee to filming hosts in July, 2004 to help cover the costs and services we have provided for free for a number of years. Unfortunately, the current budget climate in California and the challenges of keeping our fees competitive to filmmakers no longer affords us the opportunity to provide the current level of service at no charge. Due to intense competition, fees to the industry have only been raised 15% in 20 years.   As a comparison, push cart vendors (i.e. those selling hot dogs or snow cones) at special events pay more than the $178.30 per day fee that is to be assessed to filming hosts.

    Services supported by the Neighborhood Coordination Fee
    Our staff handles upwards of 500 film shoots per year. In addition to coordinating film permit applications with Police, Fire, Public Works, Transportation, and Risk Management departments, our service includes ensuring that all property host’s neighbors are informed and concerns are addressed in a timely fashion, mediating disputes, and liaising with neighborhood and merchant associations. We also monitor the coordinating of filming, keeping with the City’s ordinance of limiting the number of days permitted at each location, and the proximity of productions to one another, to avoid conflicts.

    Frequently, companies looking for specific locations contact the Pasadena Film Office, and we recommend options to them. We also host a Location Library at filmpasadena.com featuring Pasadena properties interested in filming, and an internal database we’re constantly updating with current contacts and logistical information.

    Information regarding payment will be provided to you on the “Permission to Use Property” form, which you must sign in order for the filmmaker to receive permit approval. Invoices for Neighborhood Coordination Fees are mailed by the Film Office monthly.