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    What's brewing at the Central Library?

    Through the use of the "CoffeeCam" you can see what's going on at what will surely be your favorite hangout. Click on your browser's refresh button to get the latest image.

    Central Grounds

    Regular Operating Hours

    Mon - Th: 8am - 5pm
    Fri: 8am - 4pm
    Sat and Sun: Closed

    Central Grounds is located on the east reading patio of the Central Library and provides library visitors with a beautiful and tranquil setting in which to enjoy a morning coffee and yummy pastry, or a noontime lunch item and ice blended coffee or other beverage. Central Grounds is also a perfect spot for that early morning meeting with metered parking close at hand.

    Central Grounds affords visitors the serene sounds of the trickling fountain located on the center patio as well as a unique view of this historic landmark’s beautiful stonework and other architectural features.

    Prepare to begin a crisp spring morning with a gourmet brew. Bask in the afternoon shadows with a cool refreshing iced mocha or watch twilight fall at Central Grounds while enjoying a rich cappuccino. Coffee and serenity await!

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