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  • Community Directory - Policies and Procedures

    The Pasadena Community Directory is a source of local information specific to the needs and interests of Pasadena residents.

    Data are gathered in a variety of ways and maintained by Library staff. Directory listings are prioritized according to the focus of the Community Directory.

    The primary criterion for inclusion is whether a service, organization, institution, or agency is located in Pasadena.

    Priority is given to: Community Directory 

    • free and low-cost human services
    • free and low-cost programs
    • nonprofit organizations and agencies
    • public (government) services and agencies
    • educational institutions and services

    Some organizations/agencies outside Pasadena proper and some for-profit ventures are included if they serve the Pasadena area and:

    • provide a unique service not offered by groups already located within the city, or by nonprofit groups; and/or
    • they have been demonstrated to be closely associated with Pasadena.

    Library staff may add other agencies at its discretion in support of cooperative service directory efforts in Pasadena.

    Currently, Directory users can offer updates or new listings to the Community Directory. Library staff gives special consideration to those organizations that make the effort to contact the Community Information project directly and reviews these submissions usually within ten business days. These submissions may be edited based on the Community Directory's priorities and guidelines.

    Although the Library undertakes reasonable efforts to keep the information contained in the Directory accurate, the information is not guaranteed and no responsibility is assumed for errors or omissions. The Library does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the information contained in the Directory; nor does the Library in any way endorse the individuals described in the Directory or the services they may provide.

    Volunteers are an important part of the Pasadena Community Information Calendar and Directory. If you are interested in supporting these projects, please see our page on volunteer opportunities, or call our volunteer coordinator at (626) 744-7270.

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