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  • Can’t find what you want in the catalog? If it’s a book, magazine article or microfilm, we can order it for you from another library system.

    • We provide this Interlibrary Loan Service (ILL) for those who have a valid Pasadena or Glendale library card.
    • There is a $2.00 nonrefundable service fee, automatically charged to your library account. You will be notified ahead of time if the lending library wants to apply additional charges.
    • The loan period is normally three weeks. Contact the Interlibrary Loan staff three working days before the due date if you would like us to request permission to renew the item.
    • Some materials, such as microfilm, are for library use only.
    • Rare books, reference books and books published within the last year are difficult to obtain. For newer items, you may wish to make a suggestion for purchase.
    • You will be liable for any lost or damaged materials.
    • It may take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to receive an item, with 3 weeks being the average.
    • We will notify you if we can’t locate a library that will loan the requested item.Interlibrary Loan 

    You can place your request in person at any Pasadena Public Library location, over the telephone, or online.

    • By phone, call the Central Library, (626) 744-4066 option #7, or a branch and have your library card, the title and author's name on hand.
    • To place your request online:
      1. Go to the online library catalog.  
      2. Check the catalog to make sure we do not own the book or magazine. We do not request materials that we already own in the Pasadena or Glendale Library systems.
      3. If we don't own the item you want, click on “Search Other Libraries” in the lower right corner.
      4. This is the California Libraries Catalog. Enter the title and author's name and click on “Search.”
      5. Look through the results list for the one that best matches your needs. Click on the title.
      6. The resulting page gives detailed information about the book or magazine. Click on the phrase “Borrow this item from another library” or on the ILL icon that looks like two libraries with arrows between them.
      7. Fill out the resulting form. If you want a copy of your request, print prior to submitting it.
      8. If you are requesting a copy of a magazine article, note the article title, author, volume, date and pages in the Comments field.
      9. Click “Submit.” You will get a message stating your submission was successful. If the request was not successful, the notice will state what information is missing from your request.
      10. At any point in the process, feel free to call Reference Services for assistance (626) 744-4066 option #7

    Contact the Interlibrary Loan desk by email ill_staff@cityofpasadena.net or call (626) 744-4223. If staff cannot be reached immediately, messages will be returned as soon as possible.

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