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  • Library Calendar Policies and Procedures

    The Pasadena Community Calendar ("AccessPasadena"), provided by the City of Pasadena, is a source of local information specific to the needs and interests of Pasadena residents.

    Library Calendar Policies

    Data are gathered in a variety of ways. The primary criterion for display of an event is whether it occurs in Pasadena. Some events outside Pasadena proper will be included if: 

    • they serve the Pasadena area and provide a unique service not offered by groups already located within the city;
    • they have been demonstrated to be closely associated with Pasadena;
    • they provide Pasadena residents cultural opportunities in neighboring communities.

    Currently, the public can make submissions to the subcalendar that lists general community activities and events. Library staff will review these submissions, usually within one week, and approve or remove them based on the Community Calendar's focus and criteria, and with regard to the priorities listed below.

    The other subcalendars may receive submissions from the public or only from official members of the organizations represented, dependent upon the profile of the particular subcalendar and the needs of its managing organization. In all cases, approved events will support the stated goals of the City's Calendars as a whole. If your organization is interested in managing a subcalendar, please contact the Pasadena Community Information staff at (626) 744-7818 or lib_cominfo@cityofpasadena.net . Responsibilities of such partnerships will be expressly delineated.

    In this phase of development, a large number of events are entered into the Community Calendar by Library staff. Although every attempt is made to be thorough, we do prioritize data entry as follows to support the focus of the community Calendar and maximize limited resources:

    1. City-sponsored events
    2. Events within city facilities
    3. City-sponsored events of broad interest
    4. Public City meetings of highly topical or focused interest
    5. Cancellations of or exceptions to regularly scheduled City meetings
    6. Events in which the the City is a partner
    7. Benefits and fundraisers supporting the nonprofit community
    8. Seasonal, highly topical, or newsworthy events
    9. Events whose sponsors have made the effort to contact the Calendar project directly
    10. Free Pasadena community-oriented events
    11. Free or low cost human services for Pasadena (i.e., time-limited clinics or workshops, etc.)
    12. Educational and/or cultural events in Pasadena
    13. Other events in Pasadena at major venues
    14. Educational and/or cultural events in the surrounding areas
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