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  • Lamanda Park Branch and Neighborhood History

    Lamanda Park Branch Library opened for business on January 3, 1922, in a small room in Emerson School. Continued growth of the branch necessitated another move on July 5, 1923, this time to larger, rented quarters on the second floor of a store building at 2614 E. Colorado Boulevard. A permanent home was established for the branch when the building that had formerly housed the Central Boys' and Girls' Department was relocated from Memorial Park to 2520 Morningside Street. On August 5, 1927, the branch, in its newly-redecorated and refurbished quarters, officially opened its doors to an enthusiastic crowd of 650 people.

    The early 50's saw a rapid growth in population in the eastern and northeastern sections of Pasadena. Industry was locating in the area and new housing subdivisions were constructed in the Hastings Ranch and Coronet areas. This branch was serving the entire eastern end of the city and over one-third of the total elementary school population. The opening of Hastings Branch in February, 1959, brought about an anticipated loss of juvenile patrons and a subsequent drop in circulation. The branch's immediate neighborhood had gradually begun to change. There were now traffic and parking problems, due to the building of multiple dwellings in the area. Patrons varied in economic level -- from those living in poverty in trailer courts to the wealthy in the Chapman Woods and East California areas. By 1961, there were more elderly people and middle-aged parents with older children living in the neighborhood than couples with young children.

    Lamanda Park did get a new building, completed on October 14, 1967, and built on the same site as the old library building, which was demolished in order to make room. By 1970, the neighborhood consisted largely of older, modest, well-kept homes and new apartments. Spanish-speaking families were starting to move in, but there was not a heavy concentration of families with school-age children. The remainder of the 70's showed a neighborhood in transition, with high turnover in store occupancy in the commercial area north of the branch and a steady movement of people into the area.

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    Neighborhood Characteristics and Population

    Source: 2000 Census. Lamanda Park's service area is represented by tracts 4632, 50% of 4628, 10% of 4634. These areas include 5,621 people, of whom approximately 20% are age 17 and under.

    Political Districts

    City Council  7th District
    Terry Tornek 
    County District  5th District
    Michael Antonovich 
    State Assembly  44th District
    Anthony Portantino 
    State Senate  District 21
    Carol Liu 
    U.S Congress  Congressional District 29
    Adam Schiff

    U.S. Senate
    Barbara Boxer
    Dianne Feinstein 

    Local Schools

    Public Schools
    Hamilton Elementary
    Willard Elementary
    Wilson Junior High

    Private Schools
    Saint Gregory Armenian Elementary
    San Marino Montessori Elementary
    Walden Elementary

    Hamilton Pre-K
    Willard Preschool
    St Gregory Armenian Preschool
    San Marino Montessori

    Neighborhood Associations

    Arroyo Gardens Neighborhood Association
    Greenwood Neighborhood Association
    Lamanda Park Merchants and Neighborhood Association
    Monte Vista Grove (retirement home)
    The Oaks of Pasadena (retirement home)
    Pasadena Women's Club

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