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    Your child’s favorite stuffed animal is invited to a sleepover at the library! Join us for an evening storytime then leave your animal friend for a night of fun. Pick up your child’s stuffed animal the next morning and receive a memento of their sleepover adventures! One stuffed animal per child. To register call the library site hosting the sleepover.

    La Pintoresca

    To register your child’s stuffed animal call 744-7268.
    Thursday, February 21 & Friday, February 22

    Storytime & Stuffed Animal Drop-off
    Thursday, February 21 • 5 p.M.
    Stuffed Animal Pick-up
    Friday, February 22 • 5 p.M.

    Look at the Fun We Had! 

    Photos from Central Library

    Stuffed animal Sleepover
    January 11-12, 2013


    Photos from Hastings

    Stuffed Animal Sleepover
    January 18 - 19, 2013


    Photos from La Pintoresca

    Stuffed Animal Sleepover
    February 21 -22, 2013

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