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    • 50 Smartest Things to Do With Your Money - An article explaining the 50 greatest things someone can do with their money, including real estate, savings, and consumer purchasing.
    • 66 Ways to Save Money - Ideas for saving money on airline fares, car purchases, insurance, mortgage loans and refinancing, telephone service, groceries, prescription drugs, and many other areas.
    • Kiplinger: Spending Wisely - Collection of articles on topics related to making informed purchases and lowering expenses.
    • MyMoney.gov - This site provides links to educational materials on financial topics including budgeting, taxes, credit, financial planning, home ownership, privacy, fraud, retirement planning, and small business.

    Getting Through Tough Times

    With the declining economy many people are looking for additional funds and turning to their collectibles (art, rare books, jewelry, cars, antiques, etc.) as an alternative income source. If you are considering selling your collectibles here is a list of online resources to help you determine their value.

    General Appraisal Sites


    • http://www.askart.com/  - Self-described as “The Artists’ Bluebook – The recognized site about American artists plus buyer information on artists worldwide.” Also provides a page titled “What Is My Art Worth?” (http://www.askart.com/AskART/help/what_is_my_art_worth.aspx)
    • http://www.findartinfo.com/  - Can search or browse by artist’s name or title of the work to find limited auction values.
    • http://www.bonhams.com/  - Of particular interest (under US and Shortcuts): How to Sell Guide and Valuation Days (events where public can have items appraised for free).

    Rare Books