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    Local Places

    Animation, Comics and Graphics


    •  Adrenaline Vault (news about and patches for computer and console games)
    • Coffee Break Arcade (links to many online free games)
    • Gamespot (news, downloads, patches and more, about PC and console games)
    • Game Rules (for everything from card games to sports to computer games)
    • Games for Windows (downloads, patches and more for your PC, including a lot of free games and demos)
    • Midway (the arcade game company has online versions of the oldies)
    • NabiscoWorld (online game site sponsored by the food company...good puzzles, fun games)
    • Popcap (puzzle games written in Java)


    • Acoustic Music around California
    • Alive and Picking (directory of folk, blues and roots music concerts & events around southern California)
    • All Music (links to info about performers, musical styles, musician bios...)
    • Billboard (the granddaddy of all popular music information sources)
    • Country Music Television (the MTV of country)
    • Digital Tradition database at Mudcat.org (This is where to find folk songs, lyrics and guitar chords--use the search engine in the upper left corner)
    • Free Sheet Music (links to music and resources for musicians)
    • Gracenotes (a major database of music, with contents of CDs indexed by title, artist and song. Ignore the marketing stuff, the database link is at the bottom of the page.)
    • Jesus Freak Hideout (Christian rock stuff)
    • Kennedy Center Millennium Stage online broadcasts (all sorts of music, with a searchable archive)
    • Kissthisguy (a crazy site for all those song lyrics you THOUGHT you heard right)
    • La Musica (Latin pop music)
    • Live 365 (internet radio stations)
    • MTV (Hey, if you haven't heard of it by now...)
    • RadioFolk (Directory of online broadcasts of folk, bluegrass, Americana, Native American, Celtic...)
    • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (rock history, pictures, links...)
    • Shoutcast (internet radio stations)
    • Song Facts (things you never new about songs you love or hate)
    • Song Fight (ongoing contests to write new songs or create new album covers)
    • Song Hit Lyrics (from the 1930s to the present)
    • This Day In Music (a British site with lots of music info and trivia)
    • Ultimate Band List (find links by performer, including some tour info)
    • VH-1 (Okay, so there's more than one music channel on TV...)


    TV and Movies

    Unusual and Useful Information

    • Cryptozoology (about the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and other things that might or might not exist...)
    • Dumb Laws (also has links to info about Dumb Criminals)
    • EarthCam (an index of WebCams around the world, sorted by what kinds of things you can see)
    • Famous Dogs, Cats & Critters (an index and database of famous animals...name your pets or research famous or fictional ones)
    • Internet Safety (Safeteens is a site run by a techno-journalist, and has tips for everything from privacy to avoiding rip-offs, as well as some good links)
    • Museum of Unnatural Mystery (fun science site)
    • Rap Dictionary (a European site, mainly for fun, but with information to show how slang changes really fast...)
    • Pop History (what happened when, with an answer-man for all kinds of trivia)
    • The Straight Dope (answers to questions you hadn't even thought of yet, a mixture of the weird and the helpful)
    • Wacky Uses (Have you ever wondered what ELSE you can use peanut butter for? Serious but goofy uses for things you find at home)

    Visual Arts

    • Art Crimes (graffiti art and related links from around the world
    • Art Scene (calendar of events at museums and galleries in the Los Angeles area)
    • Artcyclopedia (all about artists from many places, many times, complete with samples you can view onscreen)
    • Murals in Los Angeles. (See the wall art from buildings, freeways and other big spaces in public places)
    • Web Exhibits (visual images from just about everywhere)

    Zines and Scenes

    • Alloy (a mixture of different elements...)
    • Bamboozled (online zine by northern California teens)
    • Del.icio.us (not a zine, but a site to find and share web links...imagine Google turned inside out, and this is it)
    • GirlSense (design and send e-cards, or open your own virtual boutique and design e-clothes...)
    • GirlSite (interactive site for girls. Creativity, chat, major discussion...)
    • GirlZone (articles, interviews and computer tutorials)
    • GurlCom (This one even has HTML lessons, to teach you how to do web stuff)
    • Latinitas (Teen zine aimed at Latinas)
    • SmartGirl (Chats, articles and reviews by teens)
    • TeenHollywood (Celebrity stuff, news, contests, etc.)
    • TeenInk (articles, fiction, poetry, art, photography)
    • Vibewire (Australian zine/multiblog to make you think)