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  • Create It!

    Art and Graphics

    Share what you draw or paint, or learn to do it even better.

    • CyberTeens (also has sections for writing prose and poetry)
    • Jackson Pollock.org. Create your own abstract art, based on the style of the famous painter

    Stories and Poetry

    Places for all forms of the written word.

    • AllWords (has tools and aids for writers of all forms of prose and poetry, in print and on the web)
    • Frodo's Notebook (a serious literary journal for teens)
    • Holly Lisle's Vision (serious advice on how to write and how to get published, from a published fantasy author)
    • Magnetic Poetry (a space on our own web site for you to try your hand at creating poetry)
    • OWL (Online Writing Laboratory--this has help for writers, especially if you want to write non-fiction or articles)
    • Paradigm (an online helper to get you started and organized with any type of prose)
    • Poetry Express (a good site for beginning poets, with lessons and exercises)
    • Real Writer (by the person who taught the WriTeen workshops here at the library...advice for young writers)
    • The Slam (post your poetry and get feedback from other teens)
    • TeenPoetry (more places to create and be read)
    • Writing Corner (lots of good advice and information...don't be put off by the fact that they sometimes lump everyone under 18 as "children"...that's just publishing jargon)


    Making music and writing songs

    Theater Arts

    Getting up on stage, or working behind it

    • Acting Workshop On Line (serious links for acting students, with fun stuff, too)
    • Costumes (for theater use or just for fun, zillions of links)
    • Dance (from serious beginner to professional, loads of links--not just for teens)

    Film & Photography

    Share your images, or learn how to make them

    • Cyberfilmschool (great site for serious film students)
    • FilmSecrets (technical advice for budget film-making)
    • Listen Up! (for film students or anyone interested in working in the mass media)
    • TeenInk (has a gallery for teen photographers to share their work)