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  • Homeless Outreach (H.O.P.E.)


    The Mission of the Pasadena Police and Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health’s Homeless Outreach-Psychiatric Evaluation (HOPE) team is to provide effective, collaborative, and compassionate mental health and law enforcement emergency response to those in need of mental health, housing, and related social services.

    The HOPE Team will utilize proven, creative, and innovative methods of street-level, residential, commercial, and public mental health crisis response, while entering into mission-oriented, problem-solving partnerships with mental health and social service provider agencies.


    The Pasadena Police Department created the HOPE Team on January 8th, 2002. In keeping with its core values and commitment to excellence, innovation, and integrity, the police department entered into a partnership with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health to better handle homeless issues and to provide cooperative, compassionate, mental health/law enforcement teams to assist those in need of accessing mental health and social services. This unique police officer-civilian clinician team-approach pioneered the “HOPE” model of mental health crisis response.

    What makes the HOPE Team different from similar units in other departments is that HOPE Team members are first responders to emergency mental health crisis calls, and are proactive by continuously seeking out contact with people who are in need of services prior to potentially volatile situations occurring. The team’s target population are street-level and sheltered homeless, as well as mental health consumers within the city limits.

    Another major aspect of the HOPE approach is working on relationship building and “planting the seed” of trust for the next contact. This is critical in convincing people to accept services prior to them being in a crisis and critical in being able to de-escalate a situation when they are in crisis. This applies to anyone in our target groups that we contact.

    Community Partnerships

    The HOPE Team has forged many working community partnerships with a host of public and private social service organizations throughout the city.
    The HOPE Team also provides leadership to the Pasadena Mental Health Advisory Committee (PMHAC).

    HOPE Team Officers are specially trained in crisis communications, Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA), Suicide-Homicide Bomber Terrorist response, and are graduates of Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training Academies throughout the state. HOPE Teams also specialize in multi-agency, long-term psychiatric problem solving, often involving suspected suicidal/homicidal subjects.

    The Hope Teams

    HOPE 1

    Officer E. Lee and Clinician Jim Recio, MHCRN, BSN 

    HOPE 2

    Officer D. Scott-Jackson and Clinician Guillermo Vasquez, MHCRN, BSN

    We can be reached by phone at (626) 744-7054

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