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    Being a police motorcycle officer is one of the most demanding, dangerous jobs at the police department.Police Motorcyles Motorcycle police officers are not protected by the body of a car as they drive down the street and they are always exposed to the elements, whether it be excruciating heat, pouring rain, or excessive wind. They must always be mindful that even a minor traffic accident could lead to serious injury, even death. 
    Because of this, motorcycle officers go through a 2-week Basic Motorcycle Academy where they must perform both high speed and slow speed maneuvers through intricate cone patterns, track driving, mountain driving, and freeway driving. The course is so difficult that over half of the people that attend the school fail on their first attempt.

    At the school, they teach how to ride in adverse conditions, how to safely pull drivers over and pursuit driving. Accident avoidance is taught as is maneuvering through heavy traffic. Officers are also taught how to shoot their weapons while driving and how to use their motorcycle as cover in the event of a shootout.
    Police Motorcyle training
    As you might have noticed, motorcycle officers dress differently than regular police officers. They wear large boots and special pants, both of which are designed to protect the officer in the event of a collision. 

     Currently, the Pasadena Police Department uses ST1300 Honda Police Motorcycle.

    Rest assured that when you see a motorcycle officer driving down the street, he/she is well trained and has become an expert rider of a motorcycle.

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