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    A Message From General Manager Phyllis E. Currie

    Phyllis PictureDuring Fiscal Year 2013, the City of Pasadena enjoyed the privilege of celebrating an important milestone—the centennial of the Water Department. Along with the Power Department, which
    reached its 100-year anniversary six years ago, the two operations have evolved into one strong municipal utility with a collective, ongoing commitment to provide Pasadena residents and  businesses with superior water and electric services at reasonable rates.

    At this time in the history of Pasadena Water and Power (“PWP”), we gratefully acknowledge all those who have contributed their efforts to making the utility a valuable community enterprise. We are equally appreciative of the citizens and businesses of Pasadena, who have held their public utility to high standards through the years.

    Today’s challenges and issues are increasingly complex—requiring a long-range vision that addresses security and operational efficiency, legislative and environmental impacts, sustainable water supplies, renewable energy resources, and provides for the necessary funding of vital programs and projects.  PWP is continually reassessing and updating its operational plans and programs to stay on track with long-term objectives.

    PWP established specific energy and water supply plans, sustainability goals, and renewable energy targets through adoption of Integrated Resource Plans (“IRP”). PWP exceeded its renewable energy target for calendar year 2012 by achieving a Renewable Portfolio Standard (“RPS”) of 24 percent.  We achieved this goal by securing contracts for a variety of renewable energy resources, including wind, solar, geothermal, and flourishing efficiency programs.

    The strategy to reduce dependence on imported water has had notable success—water purchases have decreased for three consecutive years. In Fiscal Year 2013, PWP purchased five percent less water than the prior fiscal year. The Monk Hill Treatment Plant, in operation since July 2011, contributed significantly to the local groundwater supply and accounted for about one-third of the total water produced. In addition, a comprehensive strategy to encourage water conservation was boosted by the Turf Removal rebate program, which has doubled in customer participation since the program was initiated in Fiscal Year 2010. The program resulted in the removal of over 135,000 square feet of turf in Fiscal Year 2013, with savings of approximately 21 acre feet of water annually.  We continue to monitor and address cybersecurity and other issues of critical importance to the reliability of our local distribution system and the nation’s power delivery system. PWP successfully completed a comprehensive North American Electric Reliability Corporation (“NERC”) audit, which verifies a utility’s ability to meet NERC’s operational and reliability standards.

    Along with system reliability, an ongoing priority is emergency preparedness. PWP is in the process of implementing integrated technology that will improve outage management and communication
    with customers. The utility will also utilize valuable insights gained by the PWP crews that participated in mutual aid efforts to restore power after the massive damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.
    PWP generated approximately $248.6 million in operating revenues in Fiscal Year 2013. A total of nearly $50.9 million was invested in capital projects with about $28.4 million directly related to the ongoing water and power Master Plans of infrastructure improvement. PWP also contributed almost $17.8 million to the City’s General Fund to finance vital public services.

    Our centennial year celebrations validate the importance of the partnership created between PWP and the community, and we look forward to serving Pasadena for the next 100 years and beyond.  I sincerely appreciate the ongoing support of our customers, staff, and city leaders as we continue to work together to create a secure future with reliable, sustainable water and energy resources.

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