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PWP Community Solar Pilot Program – In Development


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PWP is developing a community solar program that will provide Pasadena customers the opportunity to harness the power of the sun, whether you rent or own your home. The solar power will be produced by one or more centrally located solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays. PWP will identify the location and construct the array. Some details, including pricing, are yet to be determined since we are in the early development stages of this program.


Continue to check back for more program updates throughout 2017


How will it work?

As a customer, you will be able to participate by subscribing to one or more panels in the Community Solar PV array. Similar to purchasing or leasing your own solar system – there will be a cost to participate in the pilot program. When you join, the clean solar power generated by your portion of the Community Solar PV project will be credited back to you on your regular PWP bill.  This program will make the benefits of clean, green solar power more widely available.

PWP is exploring several different models – customers may be able to sign up for either a monthly subscription or pay an upfront cost. In either case, customers would receive a bill credit for their participation in the Community Solar PV pilot project.

Community solar programs are expanding rapidly around the country. In 2015, the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) estimated there were nearly 70 programs across the U.S. with more being introduced each month.

How much will it cost?

Community solar programs provide an easy and affordable way to meet a portion of your electric needs with clean, renewable energy. However, building a local solar system in Pasadena does cost more than traditional energy sources. As a result, participating in the community solar program will likely increase your monthly electric bill. Pricing information and program details are still in development and yet to be determined.

Who will be eligible?





This pilot program will focus on residential customers that are interested in, but unable to install solar PV panels on their residence. You’ll need to be a PWP residential customer in good standing that has not installed solar on your home.

Will the energy generated go directly to my home?





No. The energy generated by the Community Solar PV array will go directly to PWP’s power distribution grid. PWP Community Solar participants will see a monetary credit on their utility bill that is based on their share of the system’s energy production.

Will this program reduce my electric bills? 





No. This program is not intended to reduce customers’ electric bills. Rather, it offers an easy, affordable option to meet a portion of your electric needs with clean solar energy.

If I move, can I keep my subscription?





Yes. One of the main advantages of community solar programs versus installing solar on your own rooftop is that subscriptions can be portable. We are working to provide this flexibility to PWP community solar participants, allowing subscribers to maintain their participation as long as they relocate to a new residence within PWP’s service territory.




  For questions or comments on this new pilot project, please email solar@cityofpasadena.net   




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