Pasadena Water & Power

Valley View Phase 2 Underground Expansion

Valley View Sign 

Project Description 

Please be advised that PERRY C THOMAS CONSTRUCTION INC, a City hired Contractor, will be performing construction work for the installation of an underground electric conduit and vault system in Valley View Avenue from Mead Alley to Denair Street; and in Michillinda Avenue at Startouch Drive.

This project is a continuation of Valley View Phase 1 project, which is the underground expansion of the electrical system on Valley View at Startouch in upper Hastings Ranch Area. PWP is replacing the city’s 4kV distribution system with a higher-capacity 17kV system. 

What To Expect

As with any pipeline project, a variety of heavy equipment will be used, including backhoes, loaders and construction trucks. There will be additional noise and dust in the area. Special efforts will be taken to keep the inconveniences to a minimum. 

Limit of Work

Valley View Ave – between Mead Alley and Denair Street; and in Michillinda Ave at Startouch Ave. See project map here. 

Construction Period

Start: Tuesday September 2, 2014
Completion: November 26, 2014 for civil/underground infrastructures portion. 

PWP Contacts

John Orolfo, Principal Engineer
(626) 744-4175

Mike Santos, Asst. Engineer
(626) 744-7957

Don Bradley, Inspector
(626) 744-5511


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